Digital Passes & Payments

Digital Passes & Payments To Accelerate
Success In Your Parking Operations

Digital Prepaid Passes and Parking Permits

Secure and Dependable Payment Processing

Eliminate Operational Gridlock with Superior Payment Solutions

Seamlessly handle various payment methods and validations, consolidate your digital payments into an efficient dashboard, and provide hassle-free digital prepaid parking permits and passes.

Pre-sell parking reservations for a fast, frictionless customer experience, guaranteed revenue, and improved operational efficiency.

Transact Faster

With prepaid parking passes, guests will experience lightning-fast authentications, less time with attendants and reduced traffic backups.

Streamlined Operations

Gain valuable insights into your parking operations. Optimize staffing, traffic flow and wayfinding to ensure a smooth and efficient event day.

Guaranteed Revenue

Prepaid parking ensures that revenue is secured in advance, providing a predictable and stable financial flow that can aid in budget planning and resource allocation.

Parking Efficiency Leaders Utilizing EventPass

At ParkHub, we take immense pride in providing top-tier parking management solutions to a distinguished list of clients, including:

ParkHub Pay

Our contactless payment system is the gold standard of payments in the parking industry, offering clear business insights and putting you in control.


Experience a seamless parking operation with ParkHub Pay, reducing transaction time and increasing throughput.


Maximize your revenue by minimizing slippage with our contactless payment solution that has passed.


Access our award-winning customer service, ensuring smooth operations and swift resolution of any issues.

Skyler Daugherty

FC Dallas

“ParkHub seamlessly transitioned us from multiple providers. They integrated with existing hardware, reducing costs and transition time to their platform. Now, all card transactions have consistent processing, and we have a single source for reporting. This allows for a timely and accurate review of activity and account reconciliation.”