Driving Change in University Parking Operations

Revolutionize your university’s parking with ParkHub’s cutting-edge technology, delivering real-time reports, versatile payment options, dynamic pricing, and crystal-clear inventory insights.


Experience seamless real-time integrations with all major ticketing platforms, transforming your parking management process.


Rely on our cellular-based platform that offers uninterrupted service without dependence on WiFi or power infrastructure.


Optimize your profits with incremental revenue from overselling based on data and explore new ancillary upsell revenue streams.

Say Goodbye to Cash-Only Transactions Outside the Venue

Say goodbye to cash slippage and limitations with ParkHub’s cellular-based platform that empowers you to offer credit card transactions outside the venue, enhancing customer convenience and reducing cash handling risks.

Speed Past Lack of Connectivity Outside Parking Lots

Stay connected with ParkHub’s reliable, cellular-based platform, ensuring smooth operations and data accessibility even in remote parking lots.

Turbo-Charge Your Outdated Fan Experience

Elevate your fan experience with ParkHub’s VIP list and exemption management features, ensuring faster ingress, happier fans, and a modernized parking experience.

Shift into High Gear with ParkHub’s Innovative Solutions

Prime & Suite

A robust mPOS device, and an analytics powerhouse combined to offer real-time visibility, comprehensive reporting, and effortless integration with top ticketing platforms, transforming parking operations into a streamlined, data-driven enterprise.

Smarking BI

Your comprehensive management tool that seamlessly integrates all your data, offers real-time visibility, streamlines reporting, and provides actionable insights to enhance efficiency, increase revenue, and elevate the parking experience.


A one-stop solution for offering multiple digital payment options that integrates with major mobile parking apps, consolidates payment data, and optimizes the process, saving time and resources for universities.

ParkHub’s Seamless Integrations are a Game-Changer

Discover the ease of ParkHub’s integrations, seamlessly blending with your current systems to turbocharge your parking operations.

Join the Leaders in University Parking

ParkHub is proud to serve distinguished universities across the nation, delivering streamlined parking solutions that enhance the campus experience. We’ve built a reputation for providing exceptional parking management solutions.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Like the University of Iowa Athletics, you too could protect $36.5K in revenue

Seamlessly process payments, validate prepaid parking passes, and gain real-time occupancy insights with our contactless mobile point-of-sale solution, eliminating manual tasks and enhancing operational efficiency.

Inventory Tracking
ParkHub enabled the UI Athletics’ team to gain a real-time understanding of lot occupancy, which eradicated the need to manually count cars.
Protected Revenue
ParkHub helped detect 1,849 invalid and duplicate passes protecting $36.5K in revenue.
Increase Efficiency
During the busiest event, 1,454 vehicles were parked in an hour – 1 car every 3 seconds.

Eddie Etsey

Chief Technology Officer
University of Iowa Athletics

ParkHub is one of the best game day technologies we implemented this past year. While it’s proven a boon for fans, it’s also provided new insight into traffic flow during game days. Their business intelligence platform allows us to access real-time parking revenue and inventory data, which helps get fans into events more easily and conveniently. The ParkHub team has been great to work with as well.

Like The University of Notre Dame, you could move to 100% Cashless Payments & Digital Credentials

Leverage ParkHub’s real-time data and advanced technology to successfully transition to a cashless parking system, optimize operations, enhance security, and receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from users.

Boost Efficiency
ParkHub’s real-time data enabled Notre Dame to optimize operations, accurately predict traffic flow patterns and streamline staffing needs.
Strengthen Communication
The transition to prepaid parking provided Notre Dame with a point of contact for guests, facilitating improved communication and management.
Increase Security
Notre Dame’s shift to a cashless system through ParkHub greatly enhanced security, minimized fraud issues, and simplified cash management.

Revolutionizing The University Parking Experience

At ParkHub, we’re not just revolutionizing parking – we’re transforming the entire experience for universities. Our state-of-the-art solutions are crafted to deliver exceptional value across all facets of your operation, taking your campus to the next level of efficiency and convenience.

Maximize Revenue

Generate incremental revenue from overselling based on data and explore ancillary upsell revenue streams.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Stay in control with real-time inventory management for all transactions, ensuring optimal utilization of your parking spaces.

Secure Transactions

With PCI Level 1 compliance and the ability to limit cash exposure, ParkHub offers a secure transaction environment for your visitors.

Comprehensive Reporting

Benefit from clean, clear, and robust reporting, both during and post-event, helping you continually optimize your parking operations.

Flexibility and Coverage

Benefit from flexible and seasonal deployments, full damage/replacement coverage, and an offline mode that keeps parking operational even if connectivity is lost.

Unrivaled Support

Experience exceptional customer service with ParkHub’s Dedicated Client Success Manager and access to our on-call support team from 7a-11p CST, 365 days a year. Enjoy an unparalleled response time, ensuring your university parking operation runs smoothly and efficiently at all times.

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