Mobile Point-of-Sale

Transform your parking operations with ParkHub Prime – a versatile mPOS device that swiftly handles all payments, integrates effortlessly with major ticketing, reservation and access control platforms while delivering real-time insights.

Say Goodbye to Long Queues and Complicated Systems

Tackle parking chaos head-on with ParkHubPrime, the ultimate mPOS solution. With Prime, enjoy a streamlined, user-friendly, and secure parking experience that keeps you ahead of the game.

Shift into High Gear with ParkHub’s Mobile Point-of-Sale Products


Contactless Mobile Point-of-Sale

Prime Lite

Parking Pass Authentication Device

Unleash the Power of Real-Time Data

Advanced hardware seamlessly connects to Suite’s backend software, transforming your parking operations into a centralized, efficient system, giving you visibility into your event operations like never before.

Drive away from restricted payment options

Experience the freedom of choice with ParkHub’s Prime. This versatile mPOS device handles every payment type – cash, card (NFC, EMV, Mobile-wallet, etc.), pass validation, and more, ensuring a smooth transaction experience for every customer.

Skip the cash reconciliation speed bumps

Drive towards secure transactions with ParkHub’s Prime. Prime tracks every transaction in real-time, reducing the risk of cash slippage and giving you full control over your revenue.

Steer clear of slow ingress

Keep traffic flowing smoothly with Prime’s fast processing time of less than 5 seconds. With our intuitive interface, training attendants becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.

Seamlessly Integrate and Elevate with ParkHub

Discover the ease of ParkHub’s integrations, seamlessly blending with your current systems to turbocharge your parking operations.

Prime in Action: Parking Management

Elevate Your Parking Management

Optimize your event parking operations and maximize revenue with our state-of-the-art mPOS device, Prime – where operational excellence meets customer satisfaction.

Frictionless Operations
Prime significantly reduces friction in the event parking operation, ensuring smooth transactions and happier customers.
Empowered Staff
Prime is easy to use and fast to train regardless of technical proficiency. Enable attendants to handle any transaction type with ease.
Revenue Maximized
Maximize your revenue through real-time tracking of transactions, efficient payment processing, and detailed operational data.

Jerry Jones Jr.

Executive Vice President Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Dallas Cowboys

“ParkHub’s parking management has dramatically improved our fans’ arrival into the parking lots and improved our internal controls and operational efficiency.”

Empower Your Parking Attendants

Equip your parking attendants with the power of Prime – where efficiency meets simplicity and innovation. Step into the future with a seamless, efficient and revenue-boosting parking operation.

Increase Efficiency
Prime offers real-time data integration and accepts all forms of payment, skyrocketing your ingress rate by 5-7x and boosting revenue by up to 45%.
Simplified Processes
Say goodbye to cash-heavy, manual processes. Prime eliminates the need for different devices and websites to accept payments, providing real-time data tracking that makes it easy to determine when a lot has been filled.
Redefined Experience
With Prime, we’re redefining the parking experience for both operators and customers by introducing smart technology that innovates a decades-old business model.

Transform Your Parking Operations with ParkHub’s Prime

The ultimate solution for modern, efficient, and profitable parking management.


Supercharge your ingress rate by 5-7x with Prime, ensuring attendees spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the event.


Minimize risk and enhance security by limiting cash exposure, thanks to Prime’s diverse payment options.


Slash labor costs and streamline operations as Prime reduces the need for manual labor, making your parking operation more cost-effective.


Experience seamless validation of prepaid passes, ensuring accurate and efficient payment processing with Prime.


Unlock your full earning potential and witness significant return on investment as Prime leads to increased revenue generation and profit maximization.


Enhance operational efficiency and accountability with Prime’s tracking capabilities for staff, vendors, and employees.

Parking Insights You Can’t Afford to Miss

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