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Seamless integrations with your access control, ticketing, and parking stack to help track revenue, manage operations, and improve your customer experience.

Built by ParkHub

Our parking integrations are easy to set up and plug right into your current setup.


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70+ Integrations, 450+ Versions, Including

  • spACE (ACE Parking)
  • KORE 
  • LazGo 
  • Veritix 
  • VenueNext
  • Venuetize
  • AXS
  • FEVO
  • Amano
  • Paris
  • IP Parking
  • Lava
  • T2 
  • Yinzcam 
  • Altitude Tickets 
  • Citifyd 
  • Stubhub
  • TicketReturn
  • Passport
  • Cale
  • Scheidt & Bachman
  • And Many More!
  • HonkMobile
  • Fortress 
  • Sunpass 
  • Designa 
  • WPS
  • Vivenu
  • Parkonect
  • PayByPhone
  • Flash
  • HUB

Public API

Parkhub’s APIs provide the flexibility to programmatically onboard events, permits, and other configurations necessary for users to manage their parking operation. In ParkHub’s ecosystem, each product is its own API, but you will work with each of them in roughly the same way over HTTP.

ParkHub supports HTTP Basic authentication. This allows you to protect the URLs on your web server so that only you and ParkHub can access them. All requests to the API, except for the /status and /ding endpoints, require both authentication and authorization.
You can view our ParkHub API documentation.