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I am a current client trying to get in touch with ParkHub. How do I contact ParkHub support?

Please email or contact our team at (214) 935-9098

What forms of payment are you able to accept?

Cash, major credit cards, and NFC payments (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay).

What is your average credit card transaction time?

Up to 7 seconds per transaction.

Can you track Exempts and VIPs?


What types of businesses do you work with?

ParkHub works with over 300 professional sport teams, premiere entertainment venues, universities and state parks across the U.S. 

Am I able to see operational activity in real-time?

Yes. All transactions are sent to ParkHub’s business intelligence suite which provides operational and customer data in real time.

Can I access business intelligence from any device?

Yes. ParkHub’s business intelligence can be accessed via desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

Are you able to integrate with my ticketing or reservation platform?

We integrate with numerous prepaid parking and ticketing providers.

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Why do I have a charge from ParkHub on my credit card statement?

As a vendor for Live Nation amphitheaters, purchases made for parking, lawn chairs and select merchandise will show on your credit card statement as a charge from ParkHub.

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