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Drive Away From Scattered Data, Static Parking Rates, and Payment Chaos

ParkHub’s cutting-edge Business Intelligence Solutions help you gain control, make data-driven decisions and boost parking revenue. Experience the ParkHub difference with centralized parking data, real-time insights, precision-driven dynamic pricing, and the ultimate digital payment solution.

Smarking BI

Experience the power of centralized information and real-time insights for strategic decision-making with Smarking BI.

Centralized Data

Smarking BI is your GPS, harmonizing data from 50+ PARCS, mobile platforms, and 500+ other sources into a unified dashboard.

Real-Time Visibility

Get instant access to performance metrics from all your parking systems, enabling faster, data-driven decisions.

Award-Winning Support

Maximize ROI with our end-to-end assistance, including training, technical support, and marketing guidance.

Bob Six

CEO and BOMA Fellow

Smarking BI helped us understand what parking KPI’s are important, where there are levers to pull, and how to make decisions around our assets.

Automated Yield Management (AYM)

Skyrocket your parking revenue with AYM, your dynamic pricing solution that integrates real-time data, robust analytics, and demand-driven pricing in one centralized hub.

Automated Dynamic Pricing

Automatically adjust prices by analyzing historical and projected demand patterns. This intelligent pricing strategy not only boosts revenue effortlessly but also optimizes occupancy even during periods of low demand.

Seamless Integrations

This advanced tool utilizes data from your garages and lots, providing robust, real-time insights for strategic decision-making. AYM helps to increase occupancy during low-demand times.

Dual-Lane Advantage

Cater seamlessly to drive-up and pre-paid reservation customers, with data showing no impact on transient demand from online reservations.

Peter Opoku Asset Manager LaSalle Investment Management

Peter Opoku

Asset Manager
LaSalle Investment Management

“Since activating ParkHub’s dynamic pricing engine, we’ve observed YoY revenue growth, annualizing a meaningful NOI and asset valuation uplift. Our partnership with ParkHub helps us deliver competitive investment performance through economic and property market cycles, which is a driving principle here at LaSalle.”


With CurbTrac, managing digital payments has never been easier! Consolidate all digital parking payments into one efficient dashboard for easy reporting and simplified integrations.

Centralized Reporting

CurbTrac’s fully integrated system provides a single dashboard to access real-time parking data and transactions from any payment provider.

Enhanced Enforcement

With a simple connection to CurbTrac, your enforcement software can check payments from any digital payment you want to accept.

Simplified Payments

CurbTrac accepts payments from multiple parking apps to ensure seamless acceptance nationwide while maintaining a consistent zone number for each payment provider.

In their first year of employing CurbTrac, the City of Richmond witnessed a remarkable 16% surge in transaction volume through mobile phone app payments compared to payments made at conventional physical meters.