ParkHub Leaders Join
IPMI Committees

A few of our fellow ParkHub teammates have been selected to share their expertise as part of International Parking and Mobility Institute (IPMI) 2020 committees. We're excited for this trio to collaborate with partners and peers and promote a positive future for our industry.

Tony Albanese

executive vice president, enterprise

Our EVP Enterprise, Tony, joined IPMI's Mobility Task Force, which serves as a sounding board for mobility research initiatives and informs and advises the membership on trends pertaining to future mobility. A “big picture” guy, Tony actively build alliances within the industry to improve the business for everyone - addressing the changing mobility demands of the public while driving bottom-line results.

Chris Elliston

Senior Vice president, enterprise

Chris, ParkHub's SVP Enterprise, is taking part in IPMI's Technology Committee, which provides education and information regarding the development of new, cutting‐edge technology and how it may be employed in the parking, transportation, and mobility industry. While helping pave the way for many of ParkHub's key customers and strategic partnerships, Chris adds tremendous value to the team with an extensive background in enterprise software and eLearning.

Todd Marshall

chief technology officer

ParkHub's CTO, Todd, is contributing to IPMI's Research and Innovation Task Force which identifies critical issues in the industry, focusing on new research and the evolution of mobility as it relates to parking and transportation. With 20+ years experience building and leading technology teams, Todd brings considerable technical acumen and leadership skills to every endeavor.