Live iOS

Your Mobile Command Station.

Introducing Live iOS, a portable device designed to deliver instant operational insights. Effortlessly monitor operations with real-time, widgetized data and make smarter decisions on the spot.

Real-time revenue.

See every type of transaction – from credit card payments to prepaid pass validations - as it happens.

Data on demand.

Leverage robust performance analytics to make timely decisions throughout operations. Mobile management.

Mobile management.

Monitor what’s happening – not what happened – whenever and wherever you are located.


Inventory data you can count on.

Lot-by-lot comparisons of parking utilization, transactions taken, and revenue produced.

All attendants accounted for.

Oversight into the activity of each parking attendant at every event.

Every transaction tracked.

Cash. Credit card. Apple Pay. Android Pay. Prepaid. Exempt.

Visibility into operations.

How many transactions
How much space
Total revenue

Key customer metrics.

How they pay
When they arrive

Flexible, filterable data.

Track by event

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