American Airlines Center
Case Study

ParkHub revolutionizes parking at Dallas’ American Airlines Center



In 2015, Billboard Magazine named the American Airlines Center the “5th Busiest Arena in the United States” and the “10th Busiest in the World”. The American Airlines Center opened its doors in 2001, and since then has become one of the nation’s best-selling arenas in sports and entertainment. This year-round venue hosts the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars, as well as a multitude of high-profile concerts and big-name shows.

The Challenge

Cash Only

American Airlines Center was predominantly a cash-only operation and lacked accurate controls for the balance of prepaid parking which made ingress a deliberate and slow process for customers and event attendees.

Real-Time Tracking

The venue needed the ability to see all cash transactions at the attendant level to create a culture of accountability, prevent slippage, and give their parking operators and lot managers a better way to make staffing and operational decisions.

Ticketmaster Validation

The system in place needed to integrate all parking passes and validate barcodes issued by vendors, specifically Ticketmaster, while tracking all cash transactions and accepting credit cards simultaneously.

The Results


Average revenue per parking transaction increased up to 73%.

Increased Transactions

ParkHub created a revenue channel that generated almost 25,000 transactions.

Increased Optimization

Total parking revenue experienced a 48% lift due to optimization.

The Solution

In June 2014, ParkHub installed their mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) system allowing the American Airlines Center to track all cash payments, accept credit cards over wifi, and scan pre-paid passes overnight. In early 2015, ParkHub upgraded Prime’s connectivity to include LTE and offline modes in addition to wifi, and also allow for NFC transactions, such as Apple Pay.

ParkHub’s business intelligence suite that monitors lot occupancy instantly and communicates directly with the mobile point-of-sale system, allows American Airlines Center’s parking operators to quickly make decisions regarding pricing, staffing, and logistics. Every transaction is displayed on an interactive dashboard in real-time, down to the individual employee level. Managers know exactly when to divert traffic from one lot to another, decreasing bottlenecks and ingress time.

ParkHub was also able to solve the other biggest problem for the American Airlines Center: effectively integrating seamlessly with Ticketmaster’s prepaid system. “I’ve been trying to get someone to interface with Ticketmaster since I started here 18 years ago,” explains Courson. “I wanted to get an integration together where a patron could come in with a single barcode, swipe into the garage, scan their ticket, and pick up pre-paid merchandise and food. The industry is moving to a model where everything can be purchased in advance, and I want us to be ready for that. I put ParkHub on notice as a test, and within one month they had a parking integration in place for parking access control and it’s worked like a charm.”

“I needed a system that could track each transaction, including parking passes and cash, down to the employee level. ParkHub delivered.”

Craig Courson, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
American Airlines Center

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