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Like Zeller, You Could Drive Up Satisfaction & NOI

Who’s Involved

Steve Herron | President, Zeller Management Corporation

Customer Takeaways

We now have the ability to track Tenant Level parking utilization behavior and ensure the best experience for our tenants.

Denison believes the intentional application of technology can enhance value for parking assets, both through revenue enhancement and operating cost reduction. We choose to leverage advances in technology and partner with software providers like [ParkHub] for the benefit of our clients.


At LaSalle Plaza in Minneapolis, Zeller, one of the most prestigious vertically integrated commercial real estate investment and development firms in the Midwest, had the goal of fully utilizing LaSalle Plaza’s parking garage to drive increases in NOI and asset value.

To promote increased garage utilization, Zeller needed to fully understand the groups of parkers that were using the garage, how long they were staying, and where there were opportunities to increase revenue. Zeller aimed to manage inflows of both contract and transient parkers, and to put out the full sign at the latest possible time, ensuring that there would be available spaces for tenants while also maximizing transient revenue.

The Challenge

Inefficient Use of Inventory

Without collected data, garage space in the LaSalle Plaza was managed anecdotally without information. Decisions about capacity limits were made based on rough guesses of availability.

Inconsistent Revenue

All the full potential revenue of the LaSalle Plaza parking garage could not be conceived without information. Revenue creation lacked strategy.

Unclear Future Vision

Without accurate historical information, Zeller lacked the ability to plan for parking accommodations or adjustments in the future.

The Results

Easily Accessible Information

Real-time Occupancy in ParkHub’s Smarking BI tool allows LaSalle Plaza to track occupancy and make data-based decisions based on current information or previous parking behavior.

Maximize Transient Revenue

Zeller and Denison’s ability to maximize garage utilization through the insights it gathers from ParkHub’s Smarking BI contributed significantly to the large year-over-year increase in transient revenue, thereby increasing NOI and uplifting LaSalle Plaza’s value.

Plan For Data-driven Success

ParkHub’s comprehensive data and analytical tools provided the Boulder team with a holistic view of parking patterns, empowering them to effectively plan and budget for upcoming years.

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