Big Venues. Huge Results.

From local music venues to the Super Bowl, ParkHub delivers real results that count - at any scale. Accept credit cards, validate parking passes, track cash, manage inventory, and report on all of this data in real-time so everyone is in sync. It’s a tall order. We're here to help.

Big and small, we cover it all.

ParkHub’s products are flexible and scalable - designed from the ground up to adapt to your operation. From performing arts centers to the largest stadiums in North America, our products deliver real results that count - at any scale. This means more revenue, improved guest experience, reduced slippage, and hyper-efficient operations.


ParkHub's products are designed to adapt to your venue's unique and operational needs.


A thousand guests or a hundred thousand, our system handles it all, reliably and accurately.

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Ticketing integrations that actually work.

ParkHub leads the industry with real-time connections to Ticketmaster,, and many more. Quickly and accurately validate prepaid parking passes, reduce fraudulent transactions, and dramatically increase throughput. And every scan is reported directly to your ticketing platform so your box office is always in the know.


Our integrations are built for speed and reliability, so you and your guests are never let down.


Every scan is validated in real-time, ensuring every spot is accounted for and every guest is taken care of.

Ticketing integrations done right

Real data. Real-time.

Everyone wants to be know what’s going on. Ticketing, Venue Operations, Traffic Management, IT, Marketing…the list goes on. Give them the data they want and need, in real time, with Portal. Transaction and inventory information are instantly available right at your fingertips, on any web browser. And if you need to connect parking data to other applications, Portal’s APIs are easy to use and absolutely free.


Real-time data makes game time decisions quick and easy.


Guests spend less time parking and more time in-venue, increasing concession revenue, and customer satisfaction.

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More smiles per hour.

Stop making your guests wait in line just to park. Get them inside faster with ParkHub’s event focused solutions. The powerful combination of our Prime mobile POS and Portal management system reduces ingress time up to 45 minutes. Guests are in their seats earlier, giving concession sales a boost, too. Now that's something everyone can smile about.


Transaction times under 7 seconds means more cars parked per minute.


Guests spend less time parking and more time in-venue, increasing concession revenue, and customer satisfaction.

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Unlock value for your venue.

ParkHub’s products are easy to use, reliable, and designed for parking professionals, not engineers. With no software to install or networks to maintain, your IT team can take it easy, too. With ParkHub, everyone in your operation gets the data they need, when they need it: from ticketing to marketing to traffic control. Gain valuable insights. Park faster. Boost revenue. Cut expenses. Wow your guests. Do it all with ParkHub.

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