The Top 10 Parking Technologies to Make Your Life Easier For 2023

The Top 10 Parking Technologies to Make Your Life Easier For 2023

These Technologies Will Change the Way You Manage Your Parking Assets 

Whether your company operates a single parking lot or a hundred parking garages, you need a management system that will help to optimize your revenue, streamline your operations, and make your team’s job easier. Even if your organization has decades of parking experience, ensuring the optimal customer experience while maintaining a positive flow of revenue can be incredibly challenging and time-consuming. After all, there are countless details that you need to manage in order to create a great parking experience.

Fortunately, many parking technologies exist to aid operators with these business imperatives. Let’s take a look at the top ten parking technologies that will change the way you manage your parking assets for the better. These solutions will do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on growing your business. 


ParkHub’s parking management solution offers a wide variety of optimization solutions that will help your organization succeed.


  • Real-time data on revenue and available inventory.
  • Pre-pay and contactless payment processing.
  • Integrations that are easy to plug into your current system.

Pricing: Request a demo and speak to a parking expert for free.


ParkMobile uses a contactless app to allow its users to find, reserve, and pay for parking ahead of time, all from their mobile phone.


  • Already in use in thousands of locations across the country.
  • Parking app is available for iOS and Android devices, and has a web browser app as well.
  • Within the app is the ability to find, reserve, and extend parking time all around the app’s use area.

Pricing: The ParkMobile app is free, and you can request a demo for free.

Passport Parking 

Passport’s Parking solution allows for easy mobile pay and parking along with efficient and real-time management software.


  • Variety of payment methods.
  • Real-time rate and restriction management.
  • Easily accessible parking data reports and visual dashboards for quick analysis.

Pricing: Request a demo to learn about their pricing options. 


HonkMobile enables parking operators to accept multiple forms of payment, offer electric vehicle (EV) charging options, generate useful insights, and more.  


  • Customers can pay for parking with the simple click of a button— they won’t need to download an app or register. 
  • Customized solutions are available for parking operators, commercial real estate owners, universities, and municipalities. 
  • Advanced business intelligence capabilities help operators make key decisions with confidence. 

Pricing: HonkMobile requires people to book a demo to learn about their pricing options. 


U-Tron offers an advanced and autonomous system, allowing users to call their car remotely using an app.


  • Advanced and autonomous parking technologies stand out amongst the crowd.
  • Reduces parking footprint and generates more revenue per square foot.
  • Comes with a built-in app that is integrated with the physical parking technology.

Pricing: Installation and maintenance may be expensive, but U-Tron will give you a free design and estimate for your parking asset.

Parking Logix 

Parking Logix focuses on data collection and use with regard to parking, allowing you to have smart and efficient lots.


  • An intuitive and overarching dashboard with all of your parking data conveniently located in one place.
  • Integration with physical assets such as the Speed Tracker and OpenSpace sensors to accurately model traffic.
  • App integration to access parking data remotely.

Pricing: Parking Logix offers free quotes for its services.


ParqEx uses a cloud platform to facilitate easy parking space management and payments between renters and parking space owners.


  • Able to provide easy income from privately-owned parking spaces through reservations
  • Integration with a cloud platform allows for mobile use.
  • Allows for entry into a new, more thrifty parking market with different needs than typical parking markets.

Pricing: ParqEx allows for the creation of free accounts and listings


Parkable uses management software that integrates with all facets of your parking business to make administration easy.


  • Simplifies management and provides real-time, accurate data.
  • Software provides information about which spots are in use and which are available.
  • Flexibility and integration with EV charging, carpools, etc.

Pricing: Request a demo and speak to a parking consultant. 

Premium Parking

Premium Parking and their staff provide management and hospitality and work alongside your team to optimize your parking assets.


  • Premium Parking’s team works alongside yours to provide tailor-made solutions.
  • Experts allow insight into the market and into competition.
  • Offers real-time surveys to create the best possible customer experience.

Pricing: Premium Parking offers free consultations with experts and quotes for its services.


Text2Park uses texting or website traffic to allow parkers to easily park and pay, all from their smartphones.


  • Adjustable pricing based on time of day.
  • Easy and quick management and validation of parkers.
  • Payment and parking extensions are done via phone.

Pricing: A small fee is charged to the lot owner.

Kick Your Parking Management Up a Notch With ParkHub

While many parking management technologies exist to potentially fulfill your needs, ParkHub offers unparalleled optimization and integration to provide your customers with the best parking experience possible. Speak with a parking expert and request a demo today.

Posted by ParkHub on September 11, 2023