Case Study

Texas Ranger’s

Benefit from ParkHub’s integrated technology: Parking operations at Globe Life Park improve with increased credit card utilization and validation of prepaid parking

The Challenge

Low Card Utilization

Prior to partnering with ParkHub, the Rangers accepted credit card payments for parking through an alternate provider. Devices were limited to one unit per lot. Limited accessibility and slow processing times hampered credit card utilization and opportunities for upsell.

Nearby Construction

With the new ballpark and multi-use entertainment facility, Globe Life Field and Texas Live!, set to be built over the following few years, Rangers executives wanted to take measures to reduce inconvenience to fans due to the nearby construction.

No Prepaid Validation

Without the ability to validate prepaid parking passes, attendants could only account for the passes by collecting torn stubs. Invalid and duplicate passes would go unchecked and manually counting stubs made for time-consuming end-of-shift reconciliation.

The Solution

ParkHub started by implementing their mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solution which processes and tracks cash, credit card, and NFC (Apple Pay and Android Pay) payments, and scans and validates pre-paid passes. The devices help reduce the amount of cash attendants are responsible for and increase efficiency.

Management gained access to ParkHub’s business intelligence suite which connects directly to the mPOS devices. The software enables users to view and organize parking transactions by time, payment method, lot, or attendant during and after events. It also provides real-time insight into lot occupancy and per-lot revenue which empowers venue operators to enforce accountability with each of their attendants.

The Results

Increased Revenue

192% increase in revenue generated by credit card vs cash compared to previous payment system.

Theft Protection

Deterred theft by stopping duplicates over the season – an estimated value of $15,623.

Protected Revenue

3,006 invalid and duplicate pases captured – a value of $54,108 in protected revenue.

Invalid Scans

Nearly 50% reduction in invalid scans.

Customer Takeaways

It is very important to the Rangers that we are able to minimize the inconvenience to our fans due to construction of the new ballpark and Texas Live! over the next several years. With ParkHub’s assistance, we are confident this will be the case.

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