We Helped 75,000 Fans Find a Spot Last Year at Super Bowl

Fans are lined up to attend Super Bowl in America’s favorite sport. 75,000 fans and over 7,000 vehicles at Levi’s Stadium, to be more specific last year. A total of 62 Verifone E-315 handheld mPOS devices were used last year at Levi’s Stadium, and we supported 6 different types of payment including NFC and mobile wallets. We parked 1 car every 2 seconds, and helped a total of 75,000 fans find a spot. If you’re doing the math (we are), you’re probably getting dizzy at the mere thought of lot occupancy tracking, potential overflow, cash slippage, credit card transactions, NFC payment, and pre-paid passes at such an event. With all these data points to track, there’s a lot of opportunity for failure, and failure is not an option at the Big Game both on the field, and in the parking lot. 

ParkHub’s technology is so advanced, it can scale to millions of transactions per second – both online and off. ParkHub’s reporting product, Portal, shows data in real-time to the parking managers of the stadium, giving them the ability to track each transaction in every lot down to the specific parking attendant.

“It’s really user-friendly.” – Cristine Paull, VP at SP+ Gameday

This year in Houston, from the minute lots opened, until parking was completed 6 ½ hours later, ParkHub’s technology systems reliably and quickly processed vehicles, leading to near-zero wait times for fans arriving at the Big Game.

Some of the highlight statistics were:

10:02am – first vehicle parked
5:59pm – last vehicle parked
11:10am – peak ingress time (stadium gates opened at 11:00am)
Peak rate – 19 cars per minute, 1 car per 3 seconds

“We were so excited to help NRG Stadium during this year’s Big Game. Our system delivers super-fast processing when entering a lot, even if you’re paying on the spot in real time.”

You don’t have to be at Super Bowl to get the same service and results. We’re happy to show you how our technology will help your business become better. Not only are our products fast and reliable, but they can also help grow revenue and support your business as you scale. One of our other clients, Live Nation, recently reported an additional $750,000 in revenue for the last quarter since using ParkHub technology. Read about BB&T Pavilion’s case study to find out how we did it.

To celebrate history in the making (our first Super Bowl to ever go into overtime play) and our second consecutive year parking for the most highly publicized American game, we’re offering a limited Super Bowl Special promotion where we offer one month for free and a 10% discount off your first year’s subscription fees if we sign an agreement before March 31, 2017. Sign up for a demo today to take advantage and get started.