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Your guests come to escape technology-
but your business depends on it.

ParkHub’s LTE-based mobile point-of-sale tracks and accepts payments even when it’s offline, which means you’ll never miss a sale due to poor network connectivity.

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Parks & Recreation Sites

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Control Your Operations

Maximize potential profit with the flexibility of ParkHub’s tools. Manage and process payments for a wide range of inventory – from fishing licenses to canoe rentals. The options are endless, and every transaction is tracked, whether guests pay by credit card, cash or on their mobile device. Understand your space like never before and seamlessly get guests from the parking lot and into the great wide open.

More than parking

Boat Rentals




Bus Rides

Mobile Point-of-Sale

A parking POS system.

With our mobile point-of-sale at the front line of your parking operations, every transaction is instantly translated into data. LTE-based and PCI compliant, the device quickly and securely processes payments and authenticates prepaid parking passes in real time.

Your Parking Management Suite

Everything in one place.

Introducing the next generation of ParkHub’s business intelligence. Suite provides real-time data and robust analytics to help you effortlessly monitor your operations – anywhere you are, on any device.

Everything in One Place

Smoothly control parking operations from one centralized hub.

Role-Based Access

Keep your data secure with individualized credentials and permissions.

Purpose-Driven Applications

Guide every stage of your management process with timely insights.

Our Customers' Experience


The support team is well trained and responsive via email, phone, and on-site.


Analytics provides insight into parking volume over time and ingress throughout a day. It's easy-to-use and understand so you can run reports on your own.

Offline Capabilities

ParkHub's Mobile Point-of-Sale can work in remote places without a direct data connection or cell network.


The Mobile Point-of-Sale is easy-to-use, set-up, maintain, and will still work in poor weather.

Flexibility On Site

Parking attendants can be moved around quickly within a park to accommodate special needs, construction, and/or events.

Flexibility with Entry

You can accommodate various payment and pass programs – cash, credit, apple/android pay, bar codes, qr codes, single use passes, season passes, etc.

Personal Touch

Attendants can welcome people and guide them as opposed to gated or pay stations, which can be frustrating to patrons and difficult to maintain.

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