Revving up Efficiency in the Sports & Entertainment Industry

State-of-the-art Parking management technology that transforms parking experiences in the sports and entertainment industry, offering real time reporting, multiple payment options, dynamic pricing support, and clear inventory insights


Experience lightning-fast ingress and seamless prepaid pass validation, driving fan satisfaction to new heights.


Maximize revenue growth with contactless payments, data-driven overselling, and ancillary upsell opportunities.


Gain unparalleled real-time oversight of your parking operations with robust reporting and comprehensive staff, vendor, and employee tracking.

Overcome Parking Roadblocks and Shift into Revenue

With ParkHub, you can take the express lane to enhanced efficiency, revved-up revenues, and satisfied customers who’ll be cheering for more.

Don’t let your parking operations be a bumpy ride

Transform your parking operation into a smooth, profitable, and satisfying experience. ParkHub’s innovative solutions maximize revenues, minimize labor costs, and skyrocket customer satisfaction.

Steer clear of parking inefficiencies

Shift gears with ParkHub’s Mobile Point-of-Sale products, delivering lightning-fast payment processing, seamless integrations, and real-time insights that will have your parking operations racing ahead.


Accept any form of payment, including mobile payments, with our leading Contactless Mobile Point-of-Sale


Keep traffic flowing with less than 3-5 seconds average processing time, and access real-time data and robust analytics with our Business Intelligence Suite

Prime Lite

Easily integrate with major ticketing systems and prepaid parking providers for a streamlined customer journey with ParkHub’s Parking Pass Authentication Device

Seamlessly Integrate and Elevate with ParkHub

Discover the ease of ParkHub’s integrations, seamlessly blending with your current systems to turbocharge your parking operations.

Stand Shoulder to Shoulder with Industry Titans

At ParkHub, we’re proud to serve an esteemed roster of elite sports and entertainment industry clients. We’ve built a reputation for providing exceptional parking management solutions.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Like AT&T Stadium, you too could see a 700% ROI in parking revenue

Revolutionizing parking management, ParkHub’s dynamic mobile point-of-sale solution drives efficiency, supercharges accountability, and delivers real-time insights to turbocharge your revenue!

Protect Revenue
ParkHub detected 600 invalid parking passes and protected $75,000 during the first three ParkHub-managed events at AT&T Stadium.
Increase Revenue
With improved efficiency, AT&T Stadium parking revenue increased by over $911,500 from the fiscal year.
Increase Satisfaction
Parking management improvements led to AT&T Stadium’s Parking Fan Satisfaction Score increased from 50% to 86%

Jerry Jones Jr.

Executive Vice President Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Dallas Cowboys

“ParkHub’s parking management has dramatically improved our fans’ arrival into the parking lots and improved our internal controls and operational efficiency.”

Like BB&T Pavilion, you could Increase Concessions By $750,000 in just 4-months

Unleash the power of ParkHub’s real-time insights and unparalleled support to drive efficiency and accountability to new heights.

Reduce Wait Times
With improved operational efficiency, BB&T Pavilion reduced parking time from 45-60 minutes to under 30 minutes
Deter Cash Slippage
BB&T Pavilion significantly reduced cash slippage with the help of ParkHub’s innovative inventory and cash tracking systems.
Increase Satisfaction
BB&T Pavilion post-event customer surveys showed an increase in positive ratings from 55% to 82%.

Experience the ParkHub Advantage

At ParkHub, we’re not just about parking – we’re about transforming the entire experience for sports and entertainment venues. Our innovative solutions are designed to deliver value across all aspects of your operation.

Effortless Transactions

Enable contactless payments, support various prepaid channels, and minimize cash handling for faster, safer, and more satisfying fan experiences.

Revenue Optimization

Leverage our data-driven strategies to unlock new revenue streams, capitalize on overselling opportunities, and pass through sales tax and ParkHub costs to customers.

Streamlined Operations

Effectively control vendor and staff access, maintain operations with our offline mode, and enjoy the flexibility of our third-party operator-agnostic solutions.

Comprehensive Coverage

Rest easy with our full damage and replacement coverage, ensuring your operation is always protected.

Informed Decision-Making

Utilize our clean, robust reporting during and after events for insights that inform decisions, boost efficiency, and increase profitability.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Offer a seamless parking experience that gets fans from their cars to the venue quickly and conveniently, leaving a lasting positive impression.

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