Programmatic Business Intelligence Smarking BI

Elevate your parking operations with ParkHub’s Smarking BI. Our platform centralizes all parking data, providing immediate insights for strategic decision-making.

Feeling Strangled by Scattered Data From Multiple Parking Solutions?

With Smarking BI, experience seamless consolidation of data from all your parking systems into one platform – your new single source of truth. It’s time to elevate your parking operations and drive revenue growth.

Shift into High Gear with ParkHub’s End-to-End Parking Management Solution

Spotlight on Key Locations
Manage your locations effectively, keeping a bird’s eye view on your entire portfolio.
Customized Email Alerts
Get daily updates tailored to your needs, with alerts for unusual occupancy levels.
Oversell Smartly
Utilize historical data to get precise oversell recommendations.
Real-Time Insights
Access instant data on revenue, occupancy and transactions with detailed breakdowns.
Competitor Pricing Alerts
Stay ahead with visibility on competitors’ rates and alerts for any changes.
Future Projections
Understand visitor behavior by viewing duration distribution by selected date range and by Parker segmentation (transient, contract, or aggregator)
Visitor Behavior Analysis
Understand your visitors better with insights on duration distribution and parker segmentation.

Lost in a Maze of Multiple Systems?

Smarking BI is your GPS, harmonizing data from 50+ PARCS, mobile platforms, and 500+ other sources into a unified dashboard.

Struggling to Mine Actionable Insights from Your Data?

Smarking BI offers real-time access to performance metrics for strategic pricing, staffing, and understanding consumer behaviors.

Battling to Cleanse Inaccurate Data?

Smarking BI provides clean, granular, real-time data that’s reliable and easy to maintain,

Streamline your Parking Management

Consolidate data from various parking systems into one comprehensive platform for effortless management and increased revenue.

Real-Time Visibility
Get instant access to performance metrics from all your parking systems, enabling faster, data-driven decisions.
Seamless Integration
Unify data from multiple sources like PARCS, mobile apps, meter systems, and more, creating a single source of truth for your operations.
Revenue Boost
Leverage automated pricing based on real-time data, driving greater profits from your parking assets.

Bob Six

CEO and BOMA Fellow

Smarking BI helped us understand what parking KPI’s are important, where there are levers to pull, and how to make decisions around our assets.

Grow Your Bottom-Line and Drive ROI

Unify diverse parking data, enhance your team’s tools, and drive ROI growth with our comprehensive platform. Smarking BI is your all-in-one solution for smarter parking management.

Data Centralization
Harvest and harmonize data from varied parking systems for clear, actionable insights.
Real-Time Clarity
Consolidate all parking data on one platform, enabling strategic pricing decisions and effective staffing allocation.
Full-Spectrum Support
Maximize ROI with our end-to-end assistance, including training, technical support, and marketing guidance.

Transform Your Parking Operations with Smarking BI

The all-in-one business intelligence platform revolutionizing parking operations.


Consolidate disparate parking data into one coherent platform for an unambiguous, single source of truth.


Achieve real-time transparency into key parking metrics to drive informed pricing choices and staffing requirements.


Monitor crucial revenue, occupancy, and performance metrics to fine-tune your operations for maximum efficiency.


Tap into rich historical data for immediate reporting and deep insights that empower strategic decision-making.


Seamlessly merge with various parking systems and platforms for a streamlined, hassle-free experience.


Boost your revenue effortlessly through automated pricing leveraged by demand patterns and data-driven strategies.

Experience the difference with our agnostic data approach and elevate your parking operation’s business intelligence today.

Say goodbye to data silos and hello to a smarter approach to business intelligence. With our agnostic data sources, you can seamlessly integrate all your data streams into a single dashboard and make better informed decisions faster.

Seamlessly Integrate and Elevate with ParkHub

Discover the ease of ParkHub’s integrations, seamlessly blending with your current systems to turbocharge your parking operations.

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Explore our business intelligence resources to uncover what sets the elite apart and turns your parking into profit.