ParkHub Safe

Protect your business, customers, and staff with the latest additions to ParkHub’s contactless technology: ParkHub TapParkHub Trace, and ParkHub Match. Solutions designed to help you safely and successfully resume operations.

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A contactless tap-to-pay solution for transient parking transactions. ParkHub Tap optimizes payment processes for parking operations

A customizable screening solution. ParkHub Trace helps capture, track and record the wellbeing of your staff, fans and guests. 

A touch-free access control solution. ParkHub Match transmits pictographic tiles to mobile devices, ensuring safe, distanced entry.


A Safe Launch to Success:
3 New Tools Designed to Protect Customers and Staff

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A contactless point-of-sale system.

ParkHub’s parking payment processing device streamlines operations and keeps customers on the move.


Everything in one place.

Suite provides real-time data and robust analytics to help you effortlessly monitor your operations – anywhere you are, on any device.


Your parking payment processor.

A contactless, parking payment system that streamlines transactions.

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