Rocky Mountain Vibes

Case Study

ParkHub’s mobile and contactless payment solutions streamline parking operations for the Rocky Mountain Vibes.


Who’s Involved

Donny Bailey – Director of Finance

Jake Hathaway – Director of Sales & Hospitality

Customer Takeaway

"Overall, we are very pleased with the switch to Parkhub. You guys have been extremely easy to work with, the Prime and Suite devices are very straightforward to use. Everything about the overall process is easy to understand. I really couldn't imagine going back to what we used to do."


The Rocky Mountain Vibes’ Parking Operations team was experiencing difficulties in their cash only parking operation. They were finding the lack of visibility on transactions, staff accountability, and inefficient ingress speed were major headaches they needed to solve. When ParkHub reached out, they saw it as “an opportunity to come out of the dark ages and increase parking revenue”. With a fast and seamless change to ParkHub’s mobile-point-of-sale devices and business intelligence software, the team quickly saw increased revenue, efficiency, accountability, and time savings they never experienced before.

The Challenge

1) Lack of tracking on cash transactions

Before ParkHub, the Rocky Mountain Vibes parking operation was only accepting cash payments for parking. If a vehicle didn’t have cash to pay, parking attendants would just let them in for free rather than clog up the ingress lines, resulting in lost revenue, with no visibility into who had paid.

2) Staff accountability

With multiple parking attendants being sent out into the lots with $500+ cash bags, there wasn’t a way to monitor accountability on whether or not staff was putting money into their pockets. On multiple occasions, cash bags would get lost or left in the parking lots and the team would have to rely on a good samaritan to turn that money in.

3) Ingress inefficiency

When cash was the only form of payments accepted, the team experienced a lot of cars paying in coins, because they didn’t have cash, clogging up the ingress lines and slowing down the team’s speed. A lot of times, cars would just get let through for free rather than to deal with the hassle of turning someone around if they didn’t have cash.

The Solution

ParkHub’s Payment Devices

After adopting ParkHub’s payment devices into their parking operation, the Rocky Mountain Vibes were able to offer a multitude of payment options to customers. The change was fast, and well received due to streamlined operations, with nothing but great responses from parking attendants, and no complaints from guests. “It's made it to where parking isn't a thing we have to worry about anymore.”

The Result

1) Increased Revenue & Ingress Efficiency

Not having to worry anymore about cars not carrying cash, using coins to pay, or having to be turned away all together has overhauled the team’s operational efficiency, and speed that paying customers are able to park and get into the ballpark to watch the game.

This has directly resulted in a 36% increase in parking revenue since implementing ParkHub, with 9 games still left in the current season when results were reported.

2) Improved Staff Accountability

The team no longer has to send their attendants out into the lots with $500 cash bags, with no way for staff to put money into their pockets without a trackable scanned transaction. This has directly resulted in an increase in parking revenue.

3) Time Savings

The team used to have to count money every single night, which was a huge time waste. The change has accounted for less work, and has made things easier and less time consuming for all involved.

4) Cut down on labor costs

The team used to have hourly workers staffed to only count money at the beginning and end of each event. Because of the change to ParkHub, these labor costs were able to be cut, allowing for a more seamless overall operation, with less cost that comes with it.

Additional Value Adds

1) Customer Support

The Rocky Mountain Vibes have only had positive experiences with ParkHub’s award-winning Support team. “Any time we need help, you guys are on it, and we appreciate it.”

2) True Partnership

“We are always looking for companies that also have some skin in the game. Having that 2 way partnership is a great fit for us all around.”

3) Easy To Use

“Our favorite thing is that it takes us only 5 to 10 min to learn how to operate and utilize the platform. Overall, the products are very easy to navigate; anyone can get in there and do it.”

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