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Parking makes or breaks customer experience.

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ParkHub transforms the parking experience for

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Jerry Jones Jr
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Dallas Cowboys

ParkHub dramatically improved our fans’ arrival into the parking lots and improved our internal controls and operational efficiency.



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Helping parking operations boost revenue, cut costs, and wow guests with fast, reliable, and easy-to-use technology.

Customers choose ParkHub for:

  • Faster ingress to enable your guests to enter your venue faster.
  • Real-time data on revenue and operation.
  • Complete inventory management to know what’s available at any time.
  • Pre-pay and contactless payment processing, operations and analytics.
  • Real-time ticketing and reservation integrations that are easy to plug into your current system.

ParkHub’s products are flexible and scalable – designed from the ground up to adapt to your operation. This means more revenue, improved guest experience, reduced slippage, and hyper-efficient operations.

ParkHub leads the industry in
real-time integrations with all the major ticketing reservation platforms. Quickly and accurately validate prepaid parking passes, reduce fraudulent transactions, and dramatically increase throughput.

Stop making your guests wait in line to park. Get them inside faster with ParkHub’s event-focused solutions. The powerful combination of our Prime mobile POS and business intelligence system r
educes ingress time up to 45 minutes. Guests are in their seats earlier, giving concession sales a boost, too.