Ultra portable. Tailored for parking.

With an interface designed for parking attendants, Prime is fast, easy-to-use and reliable. It takes all forms of payment and scans prepaid parking passes in a blink of an eye. Because you and your customers don’t have time to waste.

Start accepting credit cards this week.

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Meet Prime:

The mobile point-of-sale tailored exclusively for parking.

No network? No problem.

Prime’s Offline Mode allows you to keep accepting credit cards even without network connectivity.

Designed for parking.

Prime’s intuitive interface was designed for parking attendants to accurately and quickly process vehicles, without spending hours in training.

Built for speed.

Prime is optimized for fast, efficient traffic flow, utilizing the latest iOS build to keep cars moving and your customers smiling.


Adding new Prime devices is simple and quick. And ParkHub’s cloud based device management means you never have to worry about installing software yourself.

Accept credit cards. All day, every day.

With online and offline credit card acceptance, Prime won’t let you down in the middle of a rush. After all, what good is taking credit cards when the machine slows to a crawl when you need it most? Prime also takes NFC payments through Apple Pay and Android Pay for everyone’s convenience.


We designed Prime to process credit cards in 7 seconds or less.


Prime works over LTE, WiFi, and offline so you can accept credit cards all the time.


Prepaid done right.

Prime scans and validates prepaid parking passes in seconds, with available integrations for all major reservation and ticketing systems. You can count on Prime to accurately and quickly verify that a customer is in the correct lot and has a valid pass. Anti-duplication control also ensures that every dollar and every spot is accounted for.


We support all major reservation ticketing systems with real-time validation out of the box.


Battle tested at events like Super Bowl 51 and WrestleMania 32, Prime is proven to work when it matters most.

Cash that won’t walk away.

Cash is tough to control. Traditional systems are easy to game, and end-of-shift reconciliation takes too much time. Prime holds every attendant accountable for their cash, and a single report makes end-of-shift reporting a breeze.


Every attendant. Every lot. Every event. Always accounted for in real-time, in all your reports.


Incredible insights into your operations. You'll be amazed at what you didn't know about your lots.

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How much revenue are you missing?

Find out how much more our customers are making after switching to Prime.

Live Nation parks faster and boosts profits with Prime.

Learn how Live Nation’s largest concert venue used ParkHub’s powerful suite of parking tools to slash customer parking times and increase concession sales by $750,000 in just four months.

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What can Prime do for you?

Prime is the easiest and most reliable way to get more cars into your lots faster. Prime takes all forms of payment and validates prepaid passes in a flash. Prime drives more revenue, cuts expenses, and improves customer satisfaction, all without any software to manage or networks to maintain.

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