Parking. Made Intelligent.

View lot inventory in real time. See every transaction at every second. Make smarter pricing and staffing decisions. Portal works everywhere you are, on any device, and on any web browser.

Drive revenue, not golf carts.

Stop guessing when to shut down a lot and redirect traffic. Portal shows you true availability for every lot in your operation so you can make the right decisions at the right time. Portal helps you park more cars and maximize the potential of every lot with real-time inventory data and dynamic pricing options.


See how many cars are parked in real-time to make data informed decisions.


Real-time data allows you to make the right call, just in time.

Keep your eyes on the prize.

Portal tracks every transaction, every time, so you know exactly how much cash, credit, and prepaid revenue has been generated. Drill down to a single attendant to view their productivity, or a single transaction to troubleshoot a failed prepaid scan. Portal also monitors demand in real time, so when the rush hits, you and your staff are ready.


Track every type of transaction at every second, so nothing falls through the cracks.


Portal gives you the data you need to wow your guests and watch the bottom line.

Cash. Controlled.

Portal turns your reporting nightmare into a dream. Holding attendants accountable for their cash revenue is two clicks away, making end-of-shift reporting simple and quick. Portal replaces spreadsheets and manual cash accounting with clear, easy-to-read reports that will reduce work hours and get everyone home sooner.


End-of-shift reconciliation is a breeze with Portal’s intuitive reporting system.


Portal keeps your employees on the up and up, accurately tracking every dollar.

Your gateway to great parking.

Portal brings your entire operation under control, giving you the power to set pricing, manage inventory, monitor transactions, and report on everything from anywhere, any time. Easy to use and simple to deploy, Portal is built to adapt to your unique operation without hours of configuration. Take Portal for a spin and see what you’ve been missing.

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