ParkHub + Paciolan

Every event is memorable - your parking lot shouldn’t be.

Our real-time Paciolan-certified integration
helps fans get to their seats faster and improves
their experience from the very first touchpoint.

Endorsed by Paciolan

”By offering customers a real-time integration with the Paciolan platform, ParkHub is uniquely positioned to establish a seamless experience for fans before they even step into the venue. Our mutual partners benefit from instant pass authentication, secure onsite payments, and actionable operational data during every event.”

Kim Damron
President & CEO, Paciolan

The Journey

As fans arrive at an event, parking attendants use ParkHub's mobile point-of-sale to scan and validate prepaid Paciolan passes.
The mPOS device securely processes and tracks cash, credit card, and mobile payments for fans paying on site.

All transactions are sent to ParkHub’s Suite, a business intelligence tool that provides real-time revenue and inventory data.

Fans park faster and arrive happier. Data has shown concessions sales increase due to fans spending less time parking and more time at the event.

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The ParkHub Solution

ParkHub’s integrated contactless technology simplifies the parking process and provides rich data insights. ParkHub’s mobile point-of-sale accepts multiple payment options, including contactless EMV and NFC (ApplePay/GooglePay), and authenticates prepaid parking passes. All transactions are stored in Suite, ParkHub’s business intelligence platform, which provides real-time operational and transactional data and robust analytics. Clients see faster ingress, streamlined operations, boosted parking and concession revenue, and improved customer service.

Your Parking Management Suite

Everything in one place.

Introducing the next generation of ParkHub’s business intelligence. Suite provides real-time data and robust analytics to help you effortlessly monitor your operations – anywhere you are, on any device.

Everything in One Place

Smoothly control parking operations from one centralized hub.

Role-Based Access

Keep your data secure with individualized credentials and permissions.

Purpose-Driven Applications

Guide every stage of your management process with timely insights.

Mobile Point-of-Sale

A parking POS system.

With our mobile point-of-sale at the front line of your parking operations, every transaction is instantly translated into data. LTE-based and PCI compliant, the device quickly and securely processes payments and authenticates prepaid parking passes in real time.

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