A customized employee health screening tool.

How It Works

How It Works


Employees record their symptoms in a 5 second daily survey and receive a recommendation on whether they should go to work or stay home. The ParkHub Trace portal allows you to customized return-to-work policies and the employee daily survey.

How It Works


Employees report test results in the app and share their results securely with their employer. Employers can access individualized vulnerability assessments that allow them to request and pay for their employees to be tested either because a particular employee is at risk or to monitor what percentage of their employees are asymptomatic but positive for COVID.

How It Works


ParkHub Trace informs exposed employees to isolate and get tested through an auto-populated dashboard using Bluetooth, GPS, and Wifi data. The data is captured through a smartphone app and optionally using a bluetooth lanyard or wristband. If employees come within 6 feet of one another their phone will vibrate, reminding them to practice social distancing. Additional manual contact tracing services complement the automated system.

Why ParkHub Trace

Customized Employee Screening

ParkHub Trace capture, tracks and records the health of your staff.

Daily Symptom Screening

Employees are notified to complete a quick mobile survey as a daily health check-in to ensure that only healthy employees are asked to come to work.

Individualized Assessment

Our predictive model identifies people that are likely to have a heightened vulnerability to severe complications from COVID-19 to help tailor your policies to your most vulnerable employees.

Contact Tracing

A simple logbook allows your employees to track their physical interactions with others. Bluetooth and Indoor-location technologies gather this data in the background.

Integrated & Secured

Integrate with leading enterprise authentication systems to offer single sign-on and integrate with all leading HRMS systems to sync relevant HR data to ParkHub Trace.

Sentinel Testing

ParkHub Trace can help you provide for your employees to be tested (either one-time or regularly), expedite the process, and aggregate the data for decision makers.

Social Distancing Alarm

Phones can be set to vibrate when they come within 6 feet of each other as a proactive reminder to build safe habits and the data can be used to improve workplace layouts and policies.

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