A contactless authentication system for customer access.

How It Works

How It Works

Show the code.

The customer pulls up their ticket for the event through the designated app to access the ParkHub Match code.

How It Works

Make a match.

The attendant checks that the icons on their device matches those on the customer’s device.

How It Works

Safely enter.

The attendant receives access approval and directs the customer in the direction they should proceed to safely enter the venue and remain sufficiently distanced from staff and guests.

Why ParkHub Match

Contactless Access Control.

ParkHub Match securely transmits pictographic tiles to the attendant and customer’s devices to ensure a safe and contactless entry into the event.


Easy for staff to operate and customers to use.


Can be incorporated into any 3rd party ticketing app.


Pivot operations to meet social-distancing guidelines.

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