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Your inventory everywhere

Parking needs to be seen more to sell more but managing inventory on multiple applications is time-consuming and imprecise.

  • Access an omnichannel solution that amplifies reach.
  • Distributes inventory directly to demand, rather than by way of assumption.
  • With just one account, your assets, availability, and pricing are pushed to every channel automatically.

Instant access

Gather live information on the true state of your parking operations, enabling you to make optimal decisions.

  • Serve up real-time inventory and information to your users.
  • Boost sales by increasing the amount of inventory available to your users.
  • Drive user experience with accurate, consolidated data.

Endless possibilities

Wherever people need to know something about parking, ParkHub’s API can feed the experience.

  • Parking reservation and mapping applications.
  • Public transit platforms.
  • Corporate campuses, universities and smart cities.

Learn how our parking api can
impact your business

“I needed a system that could track each transaction, including parking passes and cash, down to the employee level. ParkHub delivered.”

Craig Courson

Chief Executive Officer
American Airlines Center


Dallas Cowboys

Read how ParkHub's unrivaled tech helped AT&T Stadium completely reinvent their operation.

American Airlines Center

Using ParkHub's unique integration and platform, American Airlines Center was able to make a complete turnaround.

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