ParkHub Developers Escape to Colorado Springs for Epic Hackathon

What happens when you put nine ParkHub developers in a remote location in the Rocky Mountains for a few days? You might be forgiven for thinking it would turn into a Lord of the Flies situation pretty quickly. But instead, you get a hackathon full of great team-building and yielding big ideas for the company’s next-generation products.

Last week, a group of ParkHub developers from the iOS, Integration, and Suite teams headed north to the Rockies in search of a distraction-free getaway to form the company’s next generation of big technology ideas. The company’s second annual hackathon, coming after last year’s journey to San Diego, took place at an AirBnB rental deep within a breathtaking 72-acre property.

“Being in a beautiful, remote location was important to us as a team,” said Logan Fisher, Director of Product Engineering. “It allowed us to not be distracted by the trappings of modern food and entertainment, and we were able to go on a couple of excursions to local attractions like Royal Gorge and Garden of the Gods.”

The nine-strong team, augmented by colleagues tuning in from across the United States, spent their work time in intense brainstorming and coding sessions. Tasked by ParkHub’s executive leadership with using the time to build team bonds and think about the company’s future. Joe Lucas, Harrison Schwarzer, Amanda Kunz, Justin Benavidez, Colin Campbell, Aziz Nurhan, Del Brown, Azrael Maxcy-Brown, and Greg Walters joined Fisher in Colorado Springs.

“Through our own development and the addition of multiple teams by acquisition, ParkHub has become the home of several converging technologies in parking management software, payments, and business intelligence,” Logan explained. “As we look to the future, it’s important that ParkHub think about its role beyond parking, helping to define what mobility looks like for society in a lot of contexts.”

“Our team bonded on this trip like no other trip we have been on in the past. I think it was in great part due to the leadership and culture we have created here at ParkHub. We also worked together towards the same goal instead of splitting into smaller groups like we had tried in the past. One big thing that I learned is that we are all very passionate, driven individuals that care deeply about each other on more than just a business level. This strengthens our bond and ability to problem solve and create long lasting solutions to our most difficult problems.”

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