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Rangers Game

ParkHub at the Rangers Game

As fans eagerly await the time we can cheer and eat popcorn at a live sports game, teams all over the country are finding new, creative ways for us to virtually attend games besides watching them on television. The ParkHub team jumped at an opportunity to show up at Globe Life Field and support Dallas’ very own Texas Rangers. Well, at least our cardboard selves did. 

This season, the Rangers and other major sports teams have kicked off cardboard cutout programs, in which fans can have a printed image of themselves or others in the stands during home games. 

The ParkHub team gathered pictures of themselves, family, and friends. The photographs were then printed out on and placed behind home plate in Section 115  for the Rangers 2020 Baseball Season.

Our mantra, “Never in park, always in drive,” guides ParkHub culture, even in a time of crisis. The pandemic has ushered in new opportunities to support our partners and community – from assisting Live Nation’s drive-in events, to Folding @ Home, to launching a free online training platform, ParkHub University

As avid sports fans (and notably very avid fans of our pets), we’re thrilled to take the ParkHub family out to the ballgame.

ParkHub Culture

Folding @ Home

Several members of the ParkHub team have been contributing their personal computers to aid COVID-19 research, through an incredible initiative called Folding@home.

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Tips for Working Remotely

ParkHub's Work From Home Guide.
Before we were all working from home to take the precautions needed, ParkHub already had some employees doing so.

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Drive-In Innovation

A new way to experience live music has driven into the parking lots of Live Nation. With three concerts over three nights in three different cities, the company executed a reimagined concert series.

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