ParkHub at the Polls

ParkHub at the Polls

Every election, there are several major, nationwide efforts to encourage voter participation. The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election will determine the future of this country, as elections do, but this year is a little different. COVID-19 has not dissuaded Americans from voting, but it has changed the conduct of the election.

ParkHub is doing its part by ensuring that everyone in the company has a chance to vote. ParkHub’s leadership team has given its employees the day off to go vote, ensuring there are no work-imposed restrictions on employees’ ability to cast their votes

ParkHub’s Founder and CEO, George Baker Sr., said “I encourage everyone to exercise their constitutional right as Americans to vote. This is the most important right of American citizens.”

The country needs help from businesses now more than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting local and state election officials with unusual challenges. Both Democrat and Republican officials across the country are lacking sufficient resources to take on the COVID-19-related expenses. There is a shortage in poll workers, in-person polling locations, and an increased volume of mail-in ballots to be processed. 

ParkHub has a few employees volunteering their time to ensure voting goes smoothly and safely at the polls. These employees were given time off ahead of time and have been recognized for demonstrating “exceeding expectations of customers and colleagues” and “no one is above any job.” As a team, we want to thank everyone who has volunteered their time.

Posted by ParkHub on November 3, 2020