New Additions to ParkHub University

New Additions to ParkHub University

In May 2020, ParkHub launched ParkHub University, a free comprehensive training course designed to support the parking industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, the ParkHub support team has continued to share and expand the program’s offering. The original course, “Attendant Academy,” now offers a separate, printerless version for venues who have opted out of using printers during the new contactless era. The team has also added “Admin Academy,” which covers specific skills for those  who oversee their parking operations.

ParkHub University aims to help prospective and current parking professionals develop skills for future employment. For venues opening back up and following safety guidelines, the courses can also be used as a refresher for going back to work. The programs provide in-depth training on ParkHub’s mobile point-of-sale technology and business intelligence tool, cover industry best practices, and offer a completion certification to registrants who complete the virtual courses.

ParkHub serves over 500 parking installations across the United States, including professional sports teams, entertainment venues, universities, and State parks. Our mobile point-of-sale device, Prime, processes credit card and mobile payments, digitizes cash transactions, and authenticates prepaid parking passes supplied by numerous ticketing and parking reservation partners. All transactions are stored in Suite, our business intelligence tool, which provides real-time data and robust analytics.

“As our team witnessed the pandemic taking its toll on parking operations, we became driven to find a way to give back to the industry’s workforce,” said Jake Edsell, ParkHub’s Chief Operating Officer. "The training program we devised reflects the service we strive to provide our partners - comprehensive, forward-thinking, and ultimately, designed to empower. Additionally, we are excited about the prospect of providing our customers with highly trained employees that will decrease onboarding time as well as increase efficiencies once lanes and gates reopen.”

By facilitating contactless payments, mitigating cash, and delivering timely data insights, ParkHub’s solutions are well-positioned to help clients adapt in the aftermath of the Coronavirus. In the meantime, our team plans to continue adding enrichment tools to the ParkHub University platform.

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Posted by ParkHub on November 10, 2020