National Dog Day


Just like Topo Chico being one of the many staples in the ParkHub office, having our furry friends with us is one of things that make ParkHub, ParkHub. We take things to the next level here at ParkHub and we don’t just have a dog friendly office, we have what we call “BarkHub.” Our furry friends are what make this company inviting and fun to work at every single day. We love having our dogs with us even now while working from home. You’ll catch many of us sharing a camera screen with our pups so our colleagues can still see them. They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, but at ParkHub they’re our family. Celebrate National Dog Day with us by giving love for our BarkHub Team.

Meet our furry friends below.

Meet the BarkHub Team

Sugar, Founder and CBO (Chief BarkHub Officer)

Nickname: Suggie

Started: May 2019

Favorite Food: Whatever you’re eating, but mostly salmon

Favorite Toy: A ball or anything you can throw for her to fetch

Menlo, CDO (Chief Dog Officer)

Nickname: Beans

Started: September 2015

Favorite Food: Anything baby brother throws off his highchair tray

Favorite Toy: Tennis ball

Cooper, EDP Toys (Executive Dog President of Toys)

Nickname: Coop, Coopie, Coopy

Started: September 2019 

Favorite Food: Puppacinos

Favorite Toy: Baby duck

Bella, EDP Treats (Executive Dog President of Treats)

Nickname: Pretty girl

Started: February 2020

Favorite Food: Ice

Favorite Toy: Anything she can chew on

Calvin, Director of Barketing

Nickname: Chicken, Bacon, or Calpal

Started: July 2019

Favorite Food: Chicken or Bacon

Favorite Toy: Stuffed squirrel

Savannah, Revenue Chaser

Nicknames: Tuftuf

Started: July 2019

Favorite Food: Hotdogs, chicken, and carrots

Favorite Toy: Chasing magpies and squirrels

Georgia, Revenue Chaser

Nicknames: Tumtum

Started: July 2019

Favorite Food: Hotdogs, chicken, and carrots

Favorite Toy: Chasing magpies and squirrels

Boomer and Barclay, CSMs (Canine Success Managers)

Nicknames: Boom Boy and Broccoli

Started: July 2019

Favorite Food: Ice, tortillas/peanut butter

Favorite Toy: Couch and plants, a good bone to chew on

Moose and Riley, SDRs (Sales Dog Representatives)

Nicknames: Mooshy, Riley Bubba

Started: February 2019

Favorite Food: Tuna, but Riley will eat anything Moose is eating

Favorite Toy: Abominable Snowman, any squeaky toy

Coco, Toy Designer

Nicknames: Undecided

Started: August 2020

Favorite Food: Undecided

Favorite Toy: Rubber sandals

Harley, O-paw-erations Manager

Nicknames: Monkey or Bubby

Started: May 2018

Favorite Food: Cheese and eggs

Favorite Toy: Pink Dino

Kona, VP of Dog Ops

Nicknames: Kona

Started: August 2019

Favorite Food: Dog Food

Favorite Toy: Popped soccer ball

Duke, Full Stack Dogveloper

Nicknames: Duke

Started: May 2019

Favorite Food: All food

Favorite Toy: Stuffed squeaky hamburger

Billie, Telebarketer

Nicknames: Billie “June Carter” Elliston

Started: November 2019

Favorite Food: Other dog’s food

Favorite Toy: Whatever squeaks the loudest

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