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National Cat Day



Just as we love our BarkHub team, our PurrkHub team is just as important to us. Although they don’t come to work with us, now that we’re working from home, they’ve become a big part of our everyday lives. Whether they like it or not… Cats can be very comforting during times of need and being stuck at home is no different. Being at home with our furry friends is definitely a perk of remotely working during COVID-19. We have a group of very funny, entertaining, and one of a kind cats in our PurrkHub group. 

Meet our furry friends below.

Meet the PurrkHub Team

Juniper, CCO (Cheif Cat Officer)

Nickname: Junie, June Bug, June Balloon

Started: August 2020

Favorite Toy: A strig or a laser

Weirdest thing I do: Stand on your pillow while you sleep and stare at your head

Otis, IT Specialist (I mean look at those iPad skills)

Nicknames: Otsie-Dotes, Otes, Otie

Started: January 2018

Favorite Toy: Anything that dispenses treats

Weirdest thing I do: My love for flowers and destruction

Lewis, CTO (Cat Toy Officer)

Nickname: Pumpkin Spice Whipped Cream Tan-Toe High Sock

Started: September 2019

Favorite Toy: Chicken wings

Weirdest thing I do: Scream meows all night as I run through the house

Charlie, Box Inspector

Nickname: Charles

Started: September 2019

Favorite Toy: Pony tails

Weirdest thing I do: Has an alter ego named Mick. When he jumps on his cat tower, Mich comes out and beats you up if you walk near the cat tower. As soon as he steps off the cat tower, Charlie comes back and just wants to cuddle.

Oliver, Offical Gravity Checker

Nickname: Liver

Started: May 2019

Favorite Toy: Hair tie

Favorite Food: Literally anything

Salem, Rodent Patrol

Nickname: Salami

Started: May 2019

Favorite Toy: Playing with Oliver

Favorite Food: Cat nip treats

Posted by ParkHub on October 29, 2020

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