BB&T Pavilion

Live Nation slashes Parking Wait Time &
Boosts Profits With ParkHub


In 2016, Michael Hughes, parking director at the BB&T Pavilion in Camden, New Jersey, was tasked to move all parking services in-house to give Live Nation customers a more streamlined experience with parking. The goal of this decision was to optimize services and cut costs. ParkHub helped them do just that. With the assistance of Prime (our handheld point of sale mobile device) and Portal (our cloud-based dashboard that provides real-time information) patron wait times and internal theft decreased, while parking and concession profits increased.

The Challenge

Longer Parking Wait Times

Customers would experience a 45 minute to 1 hour wait times just to park. Some customers would even miss the show they paid for by the time they found a spot and parked. Post-event customer satisfaction ratings reflected this, showing a 55% positive rating.

Limited Payment Options

BB&T Pavilion frequently encountered credit card transaction failures due to weak connectivity around the building. This led to missed revenue opportunities and frustrated customers.

Prevalent Cash Slippage

Additionally, theft by parking attendants was cited as the biggest staff issue before ParkHub. Using a system of rollover tracking devices with integrated clickers to count vehicles, coupled with manual cash accounting procedures, slippage was prevalent and difficult to track.

The Solution

BB&T Pavilion deployed 40 of ParkHub’s mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) devices, along with the business intelligence suite.

Since on-boarding in April 2016, Hughes said that orientation with ParkHub was very hands on. He said that 75% of sales were from credit cards, and that eventually normalized to around 10-15% for other events.

Additionally, Hughes said that the business intelligence suite was a major asset. Real-time reporting greatly aided the parking operators. “Being able to look at that is huge on my end so I know what to put in at that place and time,” he said. “The ParkHub team were hands on and just as much as part of the team as anyone as far as it goes in my mind,” Hughes said. “They rolled up their sleeves and got their hands dirty, and that’s what operations is about.”

Management gained access to the business intelligence suite, a parking intelligence system which connects directly to the mobile point-of-sale device. The business intelligence suite dashboard enables users to view and organize parking transactions by time, payment method, lot, or attendant during and after events. It also provides real-time insight into lot occupancy and per-lot revenue which empowers venue operators to enforce accountability with each of their attendants.

The Results

Parking Wait Times

Customer parking time was reduced from 45-60 minutes to under 30 minutes.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Post-event customer surveys showed an increase in positive rating from 55% to 82%.

Deterred Cash Slippage

Cash slippage was reduced using the mobile point-of-sale device and the business intelligence tool’s inventory and cash tracking systems

Increased Concessions

Faster parking resulted in faster building ingress, which translated to a $750,000 increase in concession sales in just 4 months.

Customer Takeaways

“The ParkHub team is hands-on and just as much as part of the team as anyone as far as it goes in their mind. They rolled up their sleeves and got their hands dirty, and that’s what operations is about.”

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