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Assets tracked.
Data at your fingertips.

When every parking space is an asset, every moment matters. Powered by industry-leading hardware, the streamlined Pulse sensor tracks every vehicle that enters and exits your lot and instantly reports actionable data back to you, so you never miss a beat.

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Understanding space doesn’t have to be rocket science.

No more assumptions. No more counting cars. Pulse automates the time-consuming, unreliable process of manually tracking lot occupancy, making it easy, instant and accurate. The real-time utilization and turnover data Pulse provides drives pricing decisions based on usage trends, proves the availability of parking spots on a leasable space, and depicts the amount of traffic you or your tenants realize on site. Surface lot utilization can be tracked for the very first time.

assignment_turned_in Reliable

Proven accuracy that is second to none.

monetization_on Profitable

Provides instant, income-boosting insights.

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Get a grip on slippage.

The first step in stopping slippage is being able to see it. Pulse helps reveal discrepancies between the number of vehicles parked against the amount of parking transactions that have taken place. If you see differences, you will be equipped to curb the behavior on the spot, before it affects your bottom line.

search Detects

Exposes inconsistencies in transaction counts.

pan_tool Deters

Helps protect revenue and create accountability.


Take command of traffic.

In the run-up to an event, traffic is inevitable. Pulse keeps you in control. Real-time occupancy means you can monitor how quickly lots are filling during ingress and alter the traffic flow before back-ups occur. During egress, Pulse helps you understand exactly where bottlenecks are, so you can make adjustments that keep your customers happily on their way.

visibility Visible

Real-time counts make traffic issues instantly evident.

how_to_reg Manageable

Gives insight into where traffic patterns can be adjusted.

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When integrations don’t add up.

Multiple sites and varied hardware installations make it difficult to keep tabs on utilization across a portfolio of parking lots. Instead of frittering resources with integrations that only work autonomously - until they don’t - install a solution that can seamlessly handle your entire operation. Pulse covers it all, reporting on every lot you’re responsible for, on its own or in aggregate.

done_all Comprehensive

An all-encompassing solution that works in any location.

weekend Simple

No messing around with complicated integrations.


Big data. Small price.

Pulse delivers extraordinary value at an affordable rate.