Kicking Off a Touch-Free Fan Experience at Your University

The Future of the Fan Experience is Touch-Free

The move towards a touch-free fan experience in university athletics is a leap into the future. 

By integrating modern technologies and emphasizing the importance of user experience and safety, universities can create an environment where fans can enjoy their favorite sports without the hassles of traditional parking and ticketing methods.

Transitioning to a technology-based system can only improve your customers’ lives. It is easy to implement a touch-free fan experience that includes parking and ticketing at your university.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating a touch-free fan experience at your venue, highlighting key steps and technologies to consider.

The Current Parking Environment

The pandemic greatly reduced the number of fans and attendees at major events, and the transition back to normal attendance levels has been somewhat rocky.

To create a positive fan experience in the post-COVID landscape, university departments must collaborate to enact a careful, concise approach to event management and ticketing. Integrating and forming partnerships with parking and ticketing companies like ParkHub and Paciolan can help keep fans safe and engaged. Contactless parking is the future of the industry.

Careful Planning is Key

Assisting your clientele through uncertainty requires careful planning by the university and its internal departments. 

University athletic departments should discuss the transition and its impact with clients and employees. Providing employees with best practices and detailed guidance on new parking and ticketing processes is crucial for a smooth transition.

The Trend Toward Going Digital

Prior to the pandemic, many venues had started the transition to contactless options. The post-pandemic landscape dramatically accelerated the adoption of technologies such as NFC readers and mobile ticketing.

Concerns over hygiene and the spread of germs with paper currency spurred a shift to digital payments. But demand has continued as venues see the usefulness and convenience of a contactless fan experience. Many clients have begun to reevaluate their budgets and invest in digitizing entry and payment systems. 

How To Create a Touch-Free Fan Experience

To create a touch-free fan experience, follow these steps. 

Step 1: 

Assess your current setup and understand your fans’ preferences. Gather feedback to gain insights into what your audience expects. 

Step 2: 

Decide which technologies work best for the needs of your university’s departments. ParkHub offers various technologies to help a university go digital, including Suite, an analytics solution designed to help you collect data and make decisions based on consumer preferences.

Step 3: 

Brief your clients and team members about the upcoming transition to a touch-free fan experience. Provide training and support to ensure everyone is well-prepared for the new system.

Step 4: 

Implement the changes to university parking and ticketing systems. Update your parking and ticketing systems to accommodate touch-free solutions. Work closely with technology providers to ensure a smooth transition.

Step 5: 

Evaluate the system’s success and make changes as needed. Analytical solutions can help you gather the in-depth data that you need to understand fan behavior.

Our online playbook provides even more details about going digital in your university parking.

Key Challenges and How To Combat Them

One challenge that universities may encounter when transitioning to digital parking and ticketing systems is the overwhelming array of options available. Simplifying the transition by adopting an all-in-one platform that aligns with your specific needs can be the key to success, making the process smoother and more manageable. 

Another potential issue is resistance to change from fans, some of whom may prefer traditional paper tickets over digital alternatives or may not possess smartphones. Additionally, the lack of Wi-Fi access can pose challenges, especially in parking lots and within stadiums.

To address these challenges, ParkHub offers an LTE-based solution that minimizes the reliance on Wi-Fi. This technology allows you to cater to fans who favor physical tickets while smoothly transitioning those open to digital alternatives, all while providing valuable insights into attendee trends.

Real-World Results Achieved For the Iowa Hawkeyes

ParkHub’s technology has already demonstrated its effectiveness at the Iowa Hawkeyes stadium through a successful collaboration between the athletic and transportation departments.

This partnership led to the seamless adoption of digital solutions for the Hawkeyes. They saw a significant increase in prepaid parking transactions, with 67 percent of passes sold as prepaid.

ParkHub’s system also efficiently identified and prevented invalid or duplicate parking passes, streamlining the stadium entrance process and ultimately increasing revenue for the university.

Get Help From ParkHub

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