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ParkHub and TIBA have partnered to offer and integrated solution that will allow TIBA to control their parking down with gate arms up or down. Every transaction has a custom QR code that allows customers to exit the parking lot with the gate arms down. 

Prior to integrating ParkHub and TIBA, you will first need to:
–  Set up all of the lots that will need to be integrated in ParkHub Portal.

With the Integration in place you will be able to

Print a receipt that has a unique QR code. That QR code can be used to vend the entry gate and the exit gate (or just exit if they choose to operate with the entry gate arm up). 

Receive instant confirmation:
– When a QR code is printed on site
– When a QR code is approved upon exit
– When a QR code is approved upon entry

View and export data from ParkHub Portal that will show you:
–  How many transactions were printed
– How many QR codes were approved upon exit
–  How many QR codes were denied upon exit   


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes – Once the integration configuration is complete and the integration is live, ParkHub will be able to print the QR codes through the mPOS device 

No – you may start scanning passes at any point in the integration process. Before the integration is live, you can reject any passes that have already been redeemed. However, you will not be able to reject invalid passes or passes that are redeemed at the wrong location.

Yes – ParkHub’s Prime mPOS devices are able to scan and validate both printed and digital QR codes and barcodes.

Parkhub’s Prime mPOS devices are able to scan and validate most standard barcode formats, including QR, Code 128, and interleaved 2-of-5.

If you’re working with a vendor to print passes on custom ticket/hang-tag stock, please reach out to your Client Success Manager before ordering the full print run and provide them with a proof. We’d be happy to test and verify compatibility on your behalf.

ParkHub’s Prime mPOS devices are powered by LTE connectivity. In the event of an LTE outage or network slowdown caused by high traffic, Prime devices will automatically fall back into offline mode, seamlessly allowing your attendants to continue to validate passes without connectivity.
When the Prime device detects that LTE connectivity is restored, the device will automatically switch to online mode, and any offline data will sync to the cloud.

Yes – you can see the total number of passes that are associated to your Event in Portal. 
**Please note: this number may not appear until the morning of your event.

Navigate to and select the appropriate date.

The number of passes associated with that event will be displayed in each lot tile.
**Please note – this is the total number of passes for the event, not just the number of passes issued for that specific lot.

If it’s past 10:00 AM Central time or parking is about to begin and the pass count is missing or incorrect, reach out to ParkHub support at

If you need to add a lot or garage to your configuration:

  1. Create the Lot in Portal at
  2. Contact your Client Success Manager (with copied) and ask them to approve your newly created Lot. Be sure to mention that you need the Lot added to your integration configuration.
  3. When you reach out, be sure to let your CSM know which Sections are allowed to park in that lot.
  4. It can take up to a week for us to update the configuration. Your CSM will let you know once you’re all set to start scanning passes in your new location.

If you believe that the integration isn’t working correctly, (for example, if all passes are scanning as invalid) please reach out to ParkHub Support:
  (214) 935-9098
–  Live Support available from 7AM to 11PM Central, 7 days a week

When you reach out, please provide the following info to your support rep:
  The location/parking operation you are calling from
  The name of the Event you are experiencing issues with
  The error message that you are seeing
  If possible, an example of a barcode from a pass that isn’t being accepted as expected

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