Ticketing & Reservation Integration


Revolutionize event parking with ParkHub and Paciolan – perfect for college athletics, performing arts, pro sports, and arenas. This partnership leverages Paciolan’s advanced reservation platforms, providing real-time validation of pre-sold parking passes, boosting security, and making entry smoother than ever.

With the Integration in place you will be able to:

Scan and validate Paciolan passes on event day (print-at-home, mobile, and hard passes)

Receive instant confirmation of the status of that pass:

  • Pass is valid
  • Pass is valid for another location
  • Pass was already claimed
  • Pass is invalid

View and export data from ParkHub Suite that will show you:

  • Who redeemed their pass
  • Where it was redeemed
  • When it was redeemed

Experience Seamless Validation with ParkHub + Paciolan

Validation Efficiency

Our integration ensures that all presold parking passes are efficiently validated upon arrival through real-time connectivity with Paciolan systems. This enables a swift and secure entry process, significantly reducing wait times and streamlining the attendee experience.

Advanced Access Control

Our system is designed to automatically reject invalid and duplicate parking passes and redirect passes scanned in incorrect lots. This level of precision in access control is essential for maintaining order and ensuring only authorized vehicles enter designated areas.

Robust Analytics & Insights

Operators can easily view and export comprehensive scan data from the ParkHub Suite, offering actionable insights into lot occupancy and transaction details. This data is invaluable for optimizing parking operations and enhancing decision-making processes during events.

Like the University of Iowa Athletics, you too could protect $36.5K in revenue

Seamlessly validate prepaid parking passes, redirect passes scanned in the incorrect lot, and gain real-time occupancy insights with Paciolan and Parkhub.

Efficient Validation
The integration lets the UI Athletics team quickly process and validate prepaid parking passes, removing manual checks and speeding up entry. At peak events, the system handled 1,454 vehicles in an hour — one car every 3 seconds!
Protected Revenue
ParkHub and Paciolan helped detect 1,849 invalid and duplicate passes, protecting $36.5K in revenue.
Real-Time Insights
With real-time data integration, the team gained a comprehensive understanding of lot occupancy and usage, streamlining operations and improving decision-making for future events.

See Who’s Thriving with ParkHub + Paciolan

Eddie Etsey

Chief Technology Officer
University of Iowa Athletics

ParkHub is one of the best game day technologies we implemented this past year. While it’s proven a boon for fans, it’s also provided new insight into traffic flow during game days. Their business intelligence platform allows us to access real-time parking revenue and inventory data, which helps get fans into events more easily and conveniently. The ParkHub team has been great to work with as well.

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Discover how our ParkHub + Paciolan integration can streamline your parking operations and boost security at your events. Our solution offers real-time validation, enhanced access control, and comprehensive analytics. Ready to transform your event parking management? Request a demo today and see the difference for yourself.