How to Communicate Operational Changes To Your Guests With Your Changing Goals

How To Communicate Operational Changes to Your Guests

Your guests’ event day experience starts long before show time and keeping your guests informed is key to making sure it’s a positive one. Nobody wants to be confused and frustrated, especially while finding a parking space. 

Communicating operational parking changes to your guests in an easy-to-understand, streamlined way is key to preventing frustration and confusion. The goal is to create a well-thought-out strategy that includes digital communications, physical signs, and team member communications.

Let’s discuss a few helpful tips to improve your communication strategies.

Communicating Operational Changes Can Be Difficult

In the dynamic world of parking management, change is inevitable as we grow and change with our guests’ needs. But if you navigate these changes with confidence, your guests can still enjoy a hassle-free parking experience.

When switching from an old, familiar parking system to a new one, it is important to be completely transparent with both operators and everyday users. When implementing a new parking system, it is vital to communicate any operational changes to your guests in an easy-to-understand, straightforward manner.

Customers confused about a new or unfamiliar parking system can often be unhappy or angry, and will direct that animosity at you, the parking operators. A confused, unhappy customer is less likely to return and use the system to pay for parking in the future.

Using effective communication strategies prevents the loss of revenue and patrons and ensures all your employees are on the same page. While it may seem overwhelming, your parkers and your operators will appreciate an effective communication strategy when implementing a switch.

Digital Communications 

In the digital age, using modern technology will not only help you in your operational transition, but it may be necessary to communicate pertinent information and changes to your customer base quickly and effectively.

The most important communications with your guests will happen before they even arrive at your venue. A well-written ‘Know Before You Go’ email can make all the difference. In addition to relevant game/event and inside the venue news, be sure to include the following information to ensure a smooth arrival and parking experience: 

  • Driving directions for multiple popular routes
  • Road closures
  • Safety precautions
  • Payment options once they arrive at their destination
  • Hours allowed for arrival, as well as when they are expected to vacate their parking spot
  • Any other news about what they should expect

Another option is to include parking information within your fan-application. Or, you can utilize these parking technologies, which feature accessible instructions and integrations that connect with your parking asset and/or payment solution, to communicate effectively with your patrons and aid in adopting modern technologies. Implementing an easy-to-use parking app can be the crucial difference between an effective transition and frustrated customers. 

In addition to the above,  newsletters can be an effective method of detailing the upcoming changes. Use them to explain new processes, offer tips on efficient parking, and showcase any special promotions.

Plus, updating your website and keeping it updated can assist your customers greatly with only a small amount of prior work. If your company has a website with high traffic or a regular newsletter, this might be the easiest way to announce new changes and ensure they are heard.

Physical Signs 

Improvements to your website, newsletter, and appscape are all for naught if your customers have no idea where to park their vehicles once they arrive at your venue. Using metal and digital signage can prevent confusion and make your customers and operators’ lives easier.

Metal signs effectively communicate the rules and procedures customers must follow when using your parking asset. Effective metal signage stands out, is large enough to read, is weatherproof, points customers to payment stations and parking spots, and communicates relevant information, such as if cameras or radio tracking devices are in use.

Digital signage can work in tandem with effective metal signage to include changing real-time data to make your customers and operators’ lives easier. Case studies have shown that using digital signage and wayfinding technologies reduces congestion and makes it easier for customers to know if a garage or lot has available parking spaces from a cursory glance. 

Regardless of the type of sign, placement matters. Put signs strategically throughout your parking facility, especially at entrances, exits, and decision points. 

Team Member Communications

When making a parking system transition, it is important that your team and your customers understand how to use and operate the new system. Your team members should receive training and guidance to ensure effective customer communication.

Provide your team members with thorough training and clear guidance on the new parking process. They should be well-versed in any operational changes and able to answer guest inquiries confidently. Ensure consistency in communication among team members. All employees should convey the same information to avoid confusion. 

Effective communication with your staff members is key to creating an enjoyable customer experience at your venue. One method venues use to do so is to create a pre-event outline so staff knows what they should expect. This can include information like: 

  • Who is allowed to park in certain locations
  • Any special pass types that have been distributed and to whom
  • Details about any VIPs
  • What forms of payment are allowed for the event
  • Common questions they might receive and how to answer them

Finally, establish a feedback mechanism for team members to report guest feedback or issues. Use this feedback to continually improve your operational changes and communication strategies.

Need Help? Speak to Our Team 

Creating and implementing an effective communication plan doesn’t have to be hard. Communication and transparency are the name of the game when introducing your customers to unfamiliar territory. 

To speak with a parking expert who can walk you through how to set up, operate, and implement a new, successful parking system, book a free demo with ParkHub today and experience the ParkHub difference firsthand.