Digital Passes & Payments

Pre-sell parking reservations for a fast, frictionless customer experience, guaranteed revenue,
and improved operational efficiency.

Shift into High Gear with ParkHub’s EventPass Solution

Why prepaid parking reservations are better than on-site payment:

Efficient Traffic Flow

With prepaid parking passes, your guests will know where to go so they can enter and leave your venue with greater efficiency.

Transact Faster

With prepaid parking passes, guests will experience lightning-fast authentications, less time with attendants and reduced traffic backups.

Better Operational Planning

Gain valuable insights into your parking operations. Optimize staffing, traffic flow and wayfinding to ensure a smooth and efficient event day.

Guaranteed Revenue

Prepaid parking ensures that revenue is secured in advance, providing a predictable and stable financial flow that can aid in budget planning and resource allocation.

White-Labeled Parking Passes

Brand consistency, increased adoption, personalized experience.

White-labeling features include:

Primary Color Palette
Venue Photos
Lot Images/Maps
Sell directly from your website

Elevate the Parking Experience With Our Advanced
Technical Features

3rd party integrations like gates and enforcement

Option to require
license plate

Color coded passes

Supports Google Wallet and Apple Wallet

Multiple payment options, including credit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay

Trigger-based communications for drivers/guests

‘Add to cart’ functionality/capability

Dedicated support for drivers/guests

Juggling Parking Platforms?

With EventPass, ParkHub’s parking technology platform becomes your all-in-one solution for event parking. It’s simple, fast, efficient, and reliable – the only platform
you’ll need.

Slow Transaction Times?

With EventPass, guests authenticate in a flash – reducing wait times, boosting efficiency, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Expensive Setup or Incremental Costs?

Eliminate expensive setups and/or incremental costs by using ParkHub’s all-in-one solution for parking passes
and payments.

Plan Your Events and Configure Prepaid Offerings in ParkHub Suite

Pre-sell Parking Reservations for Guaranteed Revenue and Improved Guest Experience With EventPass

Receive Support From Your Dedicated ParkHub Success & Support Teams

Parking Efficiency Leaders Utilizing EventPass

At ParkHub, we take immense pride in providing top-tier parking management solutions to a distinguished list of clients, including:

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