The Event Parking Checklist

The Event Parking Checklist

To get fans parked, you gotta keep them moving. Here's how.

Recently, we sat down with Michael Rescigno to get a better understanding of the true ‘ins and outs’ of event parking. Uncovering this largely unknown territory wasn’t a stretch for our SVP of Account Management. During his years as a parking professional, Michael was instrumental in operational plans for Levi’s Stadium, Avaya Stadium, Oracle Park, and Chase Center. And in true operational style, he not only provided us with a summary – he gave us the ultimate checklist.

The (Not Quite 9-5) Working Day

Football : around 13 hours / event day 

Basketball: around 10 hours / event day

Concerts: around 10-12 hours / event day

Special events: around 11 hours / event day

85% of non-football events are nighttime

Announcement of the Show

Info gathering

◻ Note the event date on the calendar

◻ Tickets go on sale

◻ Get initial estimated attendance

◻ Track VIP activation and/or promotor notes 

◻ Arrange tour bus parking

◻ Establish initial inventory and work with ticketing to create an add-on within platform

◻ Notify transit agencies of date and estimated count

◻ Communicate expected demographics

30 Days Out

Preliminary planning

Create Waze map and potential closures or warnings for day of event ◻

Create final Q and A sheet for promoter, as it relates to their parking needs ◻

Confirm rate and establish event within ParkHub ◻

Check other venues where tour has been / review data to similar shows ◻

Build initial forecast model ◻

Check online sales on ticketing platform ◻


15 Days Out

Hardening processes

◻ Outline initial staffing plan

◻ Check supplies and equipment 

◻ Send initial operations plan

◻ Check remaining inventory and coordinate price change if applicable

◻ Confirm event start times, end times, and begin staffing plans

◻ Notify employees of shifts

◻ If shuttles are needed, confirm the schedule and amount needed

◻ Connect with transit agencies on services

7 Days Out

Trust ... and verify

Email/coordinate with rideshare apps to notify drivers of upcoming event ◻

Create first staffing snapshots and shore up open shifts ◻

Check equipment is charging ◻

Verify uniforms are available ◻

Hold transportation meeting with PD or agencies ◻

If shuttles are needed, confirm schedule and amount needed ◻

Reconnect with transit agencies on services ◻

Track preliminary attendance ◻


1 Day Out

Finalizing the game plan

◻ Email all assigned staff

◻ Confirm total tickets sold for event

◻ Check equipment is charging and shows 100%

◻ Get final snapshot of prepaid

◻ Shut down pre-event sales

◻ Confirm event pricing

◻ Walk through garage and lots for condition assessment

◻ Gather presold numbers and outline cash volumes at each lot

The Big Day

Preparing to go live

Depending on the event, you will arrive anywhere from 3 to 6 hours before the event ◻

Shift location assignments ◻

Bank set-up change fund allocation ◻

Test transactions ◻

First pre-event departmental meeting/review timeline and note special items ◻

PD and Traffic meeting confirming processes and routes ◻

Check Waze to ensure streets are highlighted ◻

Final presold review and cash parameter setting ◻


Staff Arrival

Leading the team

◻ Hold pre-shift meeting – 1 attendant for each lot or entrance

◻ Distribute uniforms, aprons, equipments, and radios

◻ Facilitate training paperwork for new employees, name tag creation

◻ Confirm call outs and ensure staffing numbers are adequate

◻ Upload VIP list with any last-minute add-ons

◻ Disperse staff to assigned posts

During Operations

Come what may

Monitor the traffic as sections fill ◻

Track cash amounts per cashier ◻

Observe capacity and pass redemption ◻

Troubleshoot pass/app issues ◻

Utilize external traffic cameras/highway and/or city ◻

Check transit schedules trains and/or buses ◻

Quantify venue versus car arrival headcount ◻

Schedule employee breaks ◻

Receive regular status updates ◻


After Operations

Nailing the landing

◻ Ensure egress goes smoothly 

◻ Continue to move and place directors for quick exits by fans

◻ Take final parking lot snapshot and email venue ops

◻ Count and bag cash

◻ Start picking up equipment cones/signs/etc.

◻Pack and charge devices

◻ Confirm all devices have cleared

◻ Ensure lot maintenance and cleanliness

◻ Discharge staff

Fun Facts

Most supervisors will walk 35,000 steps per event, approximately 15 miles

A typical event will have at least 50 radio calls for assistance

Often 10-15% employees are brand new each game

Download a copy of the Event Parking Checklist

Posted by ParkHub on August 24, 2021