Drive-In Innovation

A new model for socially-distanced events.

A new way to experience live music has driven into the parking lots of Live Nation. With three concerts over three nights in three different cities, the company executed a reimagined concert series headlined by the country star, Brad Paisley. ParkHub’s technology and team were on-site to support a contactless arrival experience for the concerts’ guests.

“We’re giving you what’s about the size of a double-car garage where you’re going to be able to park your car, get out of your car, and have a great tailgating experience for you and your friends while listening to music through professional PA and amazing audio and video display. It’s really a different aspect of drive-in and live. It’s highly experiential.” - Tom See, President of Venues - U.S. Concerts, Live Nation

Over three years ago, Live Nation adopted ParkHub technology to efficiently process and track payments for parking, lawn chairs, reserved lawn space, and select merchandise. ParkHub’s mobile point-of-sale, Prime, validates prepaid parking passes and experience upgrades and offers credit card, NFC (Apple Pay / Google Pay), and contactless EMV payments on site. All transactions are sent to ParkHub’s business intelligence system,­­­ Suite where Live Nation management can leverage real-time revenue and inventory data across its assets and access robust analytics.

ParkHub works with Live Nation at 45 amphitheaters across the United States with the focus of getting customers parked and into the venue as quickly as possible. With the recent concerts taking place in the venues’ parking lots, the value of digitized parking inventory has increased.

To ensure maximum safety during the concert series, Live Nation conducted vigorous internal testing for COVID-19. Venue staff were required to face masks and the concertgoers were encouraged to wear them upon arrival but allowed to take them off once they were safely distanced in designated tailgate zones. At the moment, concerts are only being held where State government approves. Live Nation’s guests readily adhered to regulations. The pandemic has put live entertainment largely on pause, and the ability to safely engage in a social event is no longer taken for granted.

Additional businesses are exploring a drive-in model for hosting sport matches, music events, and movies. Fans parked on the field of Gillette Stadium to watch Gustavo Bou’s game-winning goal. Blake Shelton is another country star who will be replacing the traditional concert experience at The Bend in Charleston, SC. Walmart is launching a drive-in movie series taking place in the stores’ parking lots across the country. ParkHub is excited to see the innovation arising from a familiar territory.

"We are excited to see businesses devising safe, innovative entertainment options and supporting their efforts with our technology. It's the crawl before the walk, before the run." - George Baker Sr., ParkHub Founder & CEO