CurbTrac: Centralized Parking Payments to Simplify Your Life

Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing stroll through a city park or a fun night out on the town, the memory that sticks in your mind shouldn’t be struggling to pay for parking— it should be enjoying the beauty and excitement around you.

Here at ParkHub, we offer cutting-edge solutions like CurbTrac that take the pain out of parking.

One Integrated Solution 

Even in 2022, less than 25 percent of consumers pay for parking via a smartphone. Why is that? Well, it comes down to convenience. No one wants to download multiple parking apps on their phones, so many people will choose to avoid paid parking areas altogether. Not only does this result in less parking revenue for municipalities, but it also means fewer people going out and making meaningful memories with their loved ones and spending money at area businesses.

Fortunately, our CurbTrac platform is here to help.

CurbTrac, which was recently selected by the City of Richmond to power the city’s mobile parking payment program, provides a convenient parking experience that our customers love. It centralizes all payment parking options, such as PayByPhone, HonkMobile, ParkMobile, Passport,  IPS, and more, into a single database. This allows for a headache-free payment experience for every single customer by allowing them to use any of the many payment apps offered.

How It Works

CurbTrac simply increases the number of mobile payment options offered to your parkers. With the simple tap of a button or a text, people can submit their payments with their preferred parking app and get on with their days. To ensure straightforward payment acceptance for cities across the nation, CurbTrac accepts payments across multiple parking apps while using the same zone number for each payment provider. Our platform has helped our clients increase their revenues by leaps and bounds, with one customer experiencing a 316 percent increase in transactions.

This incredible solution was built by parking experts for use in cities, event centers, universities, parking decks, and the list goes on. By centralizing data from multiple apps, it promotes an increase in operational efficiency, frequency of contactless payments, and revenue for cities across America.

A Win for Everyone Involved 

Cities, universities, and parking operators love CurbTrac, because it allows their parkers to use their favorite apps while paying for parking. CurbTrac helps its clients collect more revenue, track their earnings with ease, and generate useful insights into their residents’ parking behavior. Additionally, parking enforcement agencies benefit from our unified database of license plates that makes it easy to verify car details. It’s truly a win-win-win for everyone. Finance teams benefit from a single reporting database that allows them to maintain a single source for all mobile parking revenue data.

Experience the Game-Changing Benefits of CurbTrac 

Are you ready to learn more about how CurbTrac can help your city increase your parking revenue and improve the lives of your residents? Book a demo today and let’s talk. We’re here to make your life easier.

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