Accelerating Success for Commercial Real Estate

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in your parking operations with ParkHub.


Revolutionize your operations with ParkHub’s seamless integrations, real-time data, and robust reporting for maximized efficiency and reduced costs.


Boost your bottom line with ParkHub’s yield management, enhanced NOI, and diversified revenue streams.


Stay ahead of the curve with ParkHub’s predictive capabilities, open APIs, and flexible solutions that integrate with existing hardware.

Speed away from rising costs and free up resources

Slash operational expenditures and embrace lean operations with reduced costs and vendor consolidation, freeing up resources for strategic investments.

Don’t let disjointed payment options get in your way

Delight your customers with streamlined payment options and integration with leading ticketing platforms, offering a frictionless, hassle-free parking experience.

Steer clear of sustainability speed bumps

Fuel your operations with increased sustainability, ensuring long-term success while promoting responsible business practices.

Shift into High Gear with ParkHub’s Innovative Solutions

Smarking BI

A one-stop platform for real-time parking data, eliminating manual reporting and empowering strategic decisions.


Boost revenue with our automated pricing tool, leveraging historical and predicted demand to optimize your parking rates.

ParkHub Pay

The ultimate contactless payment system with top-level PCI compliance. Ditch third-party processors, streamline transactions, and gain transparent insight into rates and fees.

Seamlessly Integrate and Elevate with ParkHub

Discover the ease of ParkHub’s integrations, seamlessly blending with your current systems to turbocharge your parking operations.

Experience the difference with our agnostic data approach and elevate your parking operation’s business intelligence today.

Say goodbye to data silos and hello to a smarter approach to business intelligence. With our agnostic data sources, you can seamlessly integrate all your data streams into a single dashboard and make better informed decisions faster.

Join the Leaders in Commercial Real Estate

Our esteemed clientele includes some of the most prestigious names in commercial real estate. They’ve experienced firsthand how our technology has transformed their parking operations, leading to increased efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and ultimately, improved profitability.

Don’t just take our word for it, though.

Like Zeller, You Could Drive Up Satisfaction & NOI

By providing market-leading Business Intelligence and Yield Management solutions to the commercial real estate and parking industry, ParkHub has been enabling revenue increases at 2,500+ parking locations across North America.

Improve Visibility
Business intelligence helps you understand what parking KPIs are important, where there are levers to pull, and how to make decisions around your assets.
Revenue Maximization
The ability to maximize garage utilization contributed significantly to the large year-over-year increase in transient revenue, thereby increasing NOI and value.
Increase Customer Satisfaction
Increased visibility into real-time occupancy helps raise satisfaction because a greater number of parkers are able to access the garage; fewer are turned away for being at capacity.

Ryan Holgan

VP Real Estate Asset Management
JP Morgan

At the end of the day – it’s all about data. Anyone making an investment decision wants to see data behind it. What’s historically been the case is, it’s hard to get data as it relates to how your parking assets are doing.

Like MGM Resorts, You Could Experience a $2.4M Annual Revenue Increase

Leveraging ParkHub’s Business Intelligence tool, MGM confidently increased parking rates across 7 garages, unified their pricing strategy, and maintained customer volume, proving a small rate change doesn’t deter visitors at tourist hotspots.

Revenue Boost
MGM confidently raised parking rates, driving a $2.4M annual revenue increase without losing transaction volume, thanks to ParkHub’s data-driven tools.
Data Intelligence
With ParkHub’s Business Intelligence tool, MGM gained granular insights into transaction volume, enabling informed decision-making and risk mitigation.
Value Appreciation
The successful rate increase led not only to significant quarterly revenue growth but also an $80M asset value appreciation on parking assets.

Park Your Worries and Accelerate Your Success

We’re not just offering a parking management tool – we’re offering a powerful engine for growth. From streamlined payment options to vendor consolidation and single-pane reporting, ParkHub helps you take the wheel and drive your commercial real estate parking operations toward maximized revenue and increased NOI.

Revenue Optimization

Maximize your revenue with yield management and complete inventory management, optimizing space utilization and increasing profitability.

Performance Insights

Leverage real-time data and robust visualized performance insights to make data-driven decisions, enhancing visibility and control over your operations.

Centralized Portfolio Management

Gain a bird’s eye view of your operations with centralized portfolio management, ensuring streamlined processes and effective decision-making.

Prediction Capabilities

Stay ahead of the curve with prediction capabilities, anticipating future trends and making strategic moves for long-term success.

Open APIs & Easy Integrations

Harness the power of Open APIs and easy integrations to seamlessly connect disparate systems, eliminating inefficiencies and driving operational excellence.

Pre-Pay & Contactless Payment

Enhance customer experience with pre-pay and contactless payment processing, offering your patrons a smooth, frictionless parking experience.

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