Case Study

City of Boulder

Like the City of Boulder, You Too Could Implement
a Demand-Based Parking Ecosystem

Who’s Involved

Samantha Bromberg | Project Manager, City of Boulder

Customer Takeaways

Working with [ParkHub] has been vital for the successful implementation of this project. Based on the data we have access to and the analytical tools of the software, we can be confident we’re making intelligent decisions that benefit our community.


Beginning in October 2016, The City of Boulder, Colorado, partnered with ParkHub to gain insight into parking & mobility behavior in Boulder. In September of 2022, the city was preparing to implement dynamic pricing in some of their paid parking areas. Using parking utilization data from ParkHub’s Smarking BI tool, the City’s Parking Department recommended the council approve an updated rate structure for 2023 based on historical utilization.

Leveraging the Smarking platform, the City of Boulder transformed its parking management with data-driven decisions, enhancing efficiency and community benefits.

The Challenge

Lack of Visibility

The City of Boulder did not have a method to track parking data prior to utilizing Smarking BI. Any information about parking information in the city was anecdotal or estimated.

Randomly Assigned Rate

All rates of paid parking in the City of Boulder were assigned without context. There was no concept of dynamic pricing available due to a lack of data.

Unclear Future Vision

Without accurate historical information, the City of Boulder lacked the ability to plan for parking accommodations or adjustments in the future.

The Results

Data Empowerment

With the Smarking BI platform, Boulder’s Parking Managers accessed precise historical and current utilization data, enabling informed policy decisions for effective parking management.

Demand-based Rate Optimization

Utilizing detailed occupancy information, the city identified high and low utilization areas, enabling strategic rate changes to incentivize turnover and reduce congestion.

Future Planning

ParkHub’s comprehensive data and analytical tools provided the Boulder team with a holistic view of parking patterns, empowering them to effectively plan and budget for upcoming years.

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