700% ROI Parking Solution

Discover how the home of the Dallas Cowboys optimized their parking operations with ParkHub technology.

The challenge


Before ParkHub, AT&T Stadium worked on a "two-part ticketing system" meaning they only accepted cash or pre-paid parking. This limitation significantly slowed the transaction process and dissatisfied the venue's customers who expected to have an option to pay by credit card.


Limited payment methods also limited venue management’s ability to accurately account for inventory. Each night ended with the “cash out” process. Often, attendants would have less cash than they should. With pre-paid tickets, parking attendants had to physically hold on to the ripped stubs along with their cash. This inefficient, manual system provided no protection against human error, slippage or ingress issues.


AT&T Stadium lacked the ability to make real-time decisions within their operation. Without the ability to track payment transactions or inventory, operators had little to no insight into their lot's operation during the event. This made it very difficult to make live tactical decisions to optimize the lot.

The Results

ParkHub detected 600 invalid parking passes (i.e. fraudulent and duplicate passes) during the first three ParkHub-managed events, resulting in a potential savings up to $75,000

Fan Satisfaction Score related to parking increased from 50% in 2014 to 86% in 2015

Parking revenue increased over $911,500 from fiscal year ending in March 2017

The stadium saw a 700% ROI in parking revenue for fiscal year ending March 2017


ParkHub started by implementing their mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solution which processes and tracks cash, credit card, and NFC (Apple Pay and Android Pay) payments, and scans and validates pre-paid passes. The devices help reduce the amount of cash attendants are responsible for and increase efficiency.

Management gained access to ParkHub’s business intelligence suite which connects directly to the mPOS devices. The software enables users to view and organize parking transactions by time, payment method, lot, or attendant during and after events. It also provides real-time insight into lot occupancy and per-lot revenue which empowers venue operators to enforce accountability with each of their attendants.

You don't have to be a big venue to see big results.

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