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Automated Yield Management

Skyrocket your parking revenue with ParkHub’s Automated Yield Management (AYM) – a dynamic pricing solution that integrates real-time data, robust analytics, and demand-driven pricing in one centralized hub.

Fed Up with Static Parking Rates Eating Your Profits?

Transform your static parking rates into a dynamic, profit-driving powerhouse. Using proven strategies from the airline and hotel industries, AYM adjusts your parking rates in real-time based on demand – charging more during peak times and less when demand is low.

Shift into High Gear with ParkHub’s All-in-One Parking Payment Management Solution

Automated Dynamic Pricing

AYM is a game-changing feature that automates parking prices based on historical and predicted demand patterns, helping you to increase occupancy during low demand times.

Seamless Integrations

AYM utilizes data from your garages and lots, providing robust, real-time insights for strategic decision-making, providing you with an intelligent pricing strategy that increases your revenue effortlessly.

Unleash the True Power of Demand Capture

Our revolutionary technology generates thousands of optimized rates each week, ensuring that every type of Parker gets a custom rate. With AYM, you can turn more vehicles and maximize the yield of your inventory like never before. Welcome to the future of parking.

Automated Parking Rates and Dynamic Pricing Solutions

Navigating the Maze of Manual Pricing

Say goodbye to the rear-view mirror approach with AYM. AYM automates the process of setting fees and developing products, eliminating the need for manual intervention and constant monitoring.

Stalled Revenue & Underutilized Spaces

Kick your revenue into high gear with AYM. Through dynamic pricing, AYM maximizes revenue and increases transactions, turning idle spaces into profit engines.

Limited Visibility into Garage Performance

Get a clear, bird’s-eye view of your operations with AYM’s real-time analytics. Offering granular visibility into garage performance, AYM helps you steer your business decisions with data-driven insights.

Rev up Revenues in Your High-Volume Garages

Turbocharge your parking garage operations with AYM, designed to optimize revenue and efficiency.

Revenue Accelerator
Experience a significant revenue uplift with dynamic pricing, tailored to predict and meet demand patterns.
Demand Magnet
Attract new commuters through online sales channels, expanding your customer base and accelerating demand.
Dual-Lane Advantage
Cater seamlessly to both drive-up and pre-paid reservation customers, with data showing no impact on transient demand from online reservations.

Peter Opoku

Asset Manager
LaSalle Investment Management

Since activating ParkHub’s dynamic pricing engine, we’ve observed YoY revenue growth, annualizing a meaningful NOI and asset valuation uplift. Our partnership with ParkHub helps us deliver competitive investment performance through economic and property market cycles, which is a driving principle here at LaSalle.

Unlock Profits in Your Outdoor Lots

Harness the power of AYM to unlock the revenue potential of your high-volume outdoor lots.

Profit Maximizer
Leverage dynamic pricing to optimize sales and profits, using real-time data to set the perfect price point.
Dynamic Pricing
Experience real-time rate updates multiple times a day, factoring in variables like the day, time, holidays, and weather conditions for optimal pricing.
Inventory Optimizer
Close the gap between competition-based pricing and true market value with AYM, leading to improved inventory allocation and increased utilization.

Transform Your Parking Operations with Automated Yield Management

The pinnacle of efficiency, profitability, and modern parking management solutions.


Maximize your parking sales and profits by applying the proven dynamic pricing strategies of the airline and hotel industries with our AYM.


Experience an average revenue uplift of 163% with Smarking’s AYM, translating to an increase ranging from $25k to $100k on average.


Boost your occupancy by 50% during low-demand periods, ensuring you maximize the use of your parking spaces.

Real-Time Pricing

Adjust your rates in real-time with the market demand, optimizing revenue potential with our dynamic pricing solution.

Parking Insights You Can’t Afford to Miss

Explore our business intelligence resources to uncover what sets the elite apart and turns your parking into profit.