Case Study

Ace Parking

ParkHub Helps ACE Parking
Increase Revenue at Oakland City Center

Who’s Involved

Jeff Soskin | Regional Director at ACE Parking
Clay Adams | EVP Revenue Assurance-Auditing-Analytics at ACE Parking

Customer Takeaways

SmartPass has been an invaluable and cost-effective tool to significantly grow our parker volume at Oakland City Center. Our garage managers love it because it’s automated and hassle-free, and our parkers love it because we can create easy-to-use parking products customized to meet their needs.

ParkHub is a great technology partner that always comes up with the solutions the industry truly needs. When we started trying the SmartPass platform, we were not sure if the flexible parking concept would really catch on. Looking back now this was a great step ACE Parking took, and we look forward to expanding.


In Q1 2022, ACE Parking wanted to generate demand and capture new parkers at its Oakland City Center garage as workers began to return to the office. ACE Parking partnered with ParkHub to launch SmartPass, a suite of flexible, digital parking passes designed to meet the evolving needs of parkers.

The Challenge

Integrate a pass system with Oakland City Center garage’s PARCS provider, Parkonect.

Promote customized parking products.

Oakland City Center website that displays various product offerings

The Results

Increased Revenue

In the launch month alone, ACE Parking generated more than $3,000 in incremental revenue, which quickly grew to recurring monthly revenue of $7,000 – $9,500. Within a few months of launch, the garage generated more than $100,000 in annualized incremental revenue through SmartPass.

Graphic displaying 2022 SmartPass parking revenue for the Oakland City Center garage

In Conclusion

The partnership between ACE Parking and ParkHub to implement SmartPass at Oakland City Center demonstrates the power of digital solutions in the parking industry. SmartPass allowed ACE Parking to seamlessly offer a range of customized parking products that cater to the needs of modern urban parkers. The collaborative marketing efforts and easy integration with existing systems boosted customer convenience and led to substantial revenue growth.

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