A Complete Parking Ecosystem Reservations - Payment - Management

Parkhub.com is a complete parking ecosystem that offers premiere enterprise solutions to the industry's top management and operating companies. Currently taking the event parking sector by storm, their hardware and software platforms are being utilized domestically coast to coast at over a dozen of the world's top ranked venues and management companies.

I'm sure you want to sell your own parking inventory, hosted on your website, but don't want to spend the time or money on developing your own reservation engine. Instead you're probably considering putting your inventory up on some of those third party sites, but then you have to pay high transaction fees losing a considerable amount of your revenue. It's a chore. So, let us do the work for you. With Plan2Park, powered by ParkHub.com, we have rolled up our sleeves and built an industrial strength reservation engine that can be white-labeled to match your look and feel, plus you control the advertising and branding. Enter in your parking lot information and go!

This bleeding edge technology was made to revolutionize the parking industry by tracking and reporting any parking assets' inventory, transactions, and traffic flow. This is all shown in real-time on a dashboard in the Cloud. This information, originating from all our other modular products, is transmitted via cellular networks and WiFi to our online dashboard. Our customized reporting feature allows operators to create reports based off total inventory, specific parking lots, attendants, and more.

Everyone has heard the saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." That's what a lot of operators think about the tried and true cash-ticket system, except that it is very much a detached, antiquated and analog system. Created to solve this problem, PRIME (Parking Revenue Inventory Management Enterprise) is the the most functional, robust and dependable hand-held mPOS system with real-time reporting NOT dependent on wifi. It validates any pre-purchased or reserved parking (Ticketmaster, ParkWhiz, etc), records cash transactions, and facilitates credit card transactions. All of this information is reported in real-time via an LTE network to the cloud based Portal that operators can view from any smart device.

PULSE (Parking's Ultimate Lane Sensor Evolution) is on the bleeding edge of parking management technology, standing for Parking's Ultimate Lane Sensor Evolution. It measures the heart beat of your parking operation, recording and analyzing the rhythm of everything that happens inside your lots, reporting all of this information in real-time back to the Portal. It is modular and can be inserted in with your existing PARC system, or be amped up to allow you to see your lot from front to back. We understand that no two lots are the same. We know everyone dances to the beat of a different drum. It just so happens our drummer is a rockstar. Want to dance?